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Last Login: 12/16/2014 8:05 am

Registered: 02/04/2005

Gender: Female

Location: Philippines!!


Remind me to update my interests.

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I'm one of those ever-so addicted spammers in my guild, The Filipino Gaian Guild!! ^_^ and yesh, i am a Filipino...*nods* yesh!

But I've been away for so long...and I've just came back! Aaah~ So much in Gaia has changed! I don't even know what evolving items are! XD Hahaha. And there are aquariums and cars now! We didn't have those back then. Ah~ the admins must be really rich by now. XD LOL.

Aaanyway! What else can I tell about myself...

I love Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 and everything else JE...yes, including the sparkly costumes and ghei-ness! (^__^) In general, I love JPOP! And I'm also getting into KPOP...though the Korean fandom scares me...I'm pretty much liking SHINee, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, 2PM, etc etc.

I also love anime and manga! Ouran, Fruits Basket, xxxHolic, Chobits, Card Captor Sakura, GTO, mostly Shoujo stuff. biggrin

I love watching Hollywood movies, Jdoramas...sometimes Kdramas, and random crack Arashi videos.

I also love reading stuff like, Harry Potter, The Mediator, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Chronicles of Narnia and many many more!

]Thank you:
arrow Eagle_Vision- for helping me in getting my precious bani clips
arrow theshyster-for giving me a lot of items in my wishlist
arrow Aienne-for the Angelbow


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--Fufu Pooh Report | 07/09/2009 11:38 pm
--Fufu Pooh
Nice Avi(:
Ohh, i See Your an Arashi Fan Too! ^_______^
One and Only Truth Report | 06/02/2009 10:57 am
One and Only Truth
Hrmm..Business ad mgmt. pra petiks ang buhy hehe..

GO NANAJE!! kya mu yn! ganbatte ne~

ASAN UN!?!?!?nmn ih...x3
One and Only Truth Report | 06/02/2009 10:29 am
One and Only Truth

peke yung kissu nila desu!!


dpat tunay..haha
One and Only Truth Report | 06/02/2009 10:27 am
One and Only Truth
WAAAHHH!!Magshishift n q!!anhrp pla ng comsci!! gonk
pro jn p rin aq s era. : D
beteranong loyalty award x3

kw??nkakasurbayb b??
One and Only Truth Report | 06/02/2009 10:11 am
One and Only Truth
Haha...mejo.. sweatdrop

My mga ngppdrwing kc d2 ih! Kya un...

eto..okie lng nanaje~
kw mzta k n??

pkopya ng sig!!!xDD
One and Only Truth Report | 06/02/2009 10:02 am
One and Only Truth
One and Only Truth Report | 06/02/2009 9:39 am
One and Only Truth

One and Only Truth Report | 06/02/2009 8:39 am
One and Only Truth
: D
crayz_peepoles11 Report | 05/14/2009 3:23 am
i remember when i used to think chii's voice would never change but when it did i was in denial for a week but then grew to love him even more, making him my fave H!S!J member instead of Nakajima... rolleyes
lolz chii kept bringing up yamada in the interview... yeah i've heard chii got daiki and yamada into Ohno if not arashi and on one of the interviews where the H!S!J were saying their admired sempai's and every thing, Nakajima high-fived chinen after chii said he caught ohno's autograph board... whee they're so cute!!!

lolz "under my skin" was so much more smexier (although their hair cuts weren't that smexy in that PV)
crayz_peepoles11 Report | 05/13/2009 7:56 am
hmm... i should listen to other JE groups one day...
apparently fans started bagging Chii-chan when his voice broke... you know how JE boys throw autographed stuff at their fans? well rumour says that some fans threw it back when Chii-chan threw it... T-T poor Chii! but he's still my favourite H!S!J Ohno-fanboy... did you know that Ohno and Chinen were interviewed together for some magazine? the interview was soooo cute!!! yeah Chinen should guest on Shukudai-kun on Himitsu coz he's always saying he admires Ohno... but aren't you jealous that Chinen has caught one of Ohno's autograph board at a Arashi concert? i know i am...
yeah... TVXQ is ok... apparently there's a "clean" version of mirotic coz it was unappropriate... 0.o" i like their accapellas... but something tells me Arashi could do so much better than them if they wanted to...


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