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adriana7168 Report | 12/13/2009 10:08 pm
HAPPY B-DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool
xXAdvril Lavigne LoverXx Report | 10/03/2009 2:16 pm
xXAdvril Lavigne LoverXx
thx 4 buy'n biggrin
NeneIsThatGirl Report | 09/29/2009 7:31 pm
Thankies whee
CR-sinep Report | 09/29/2009 7:19 pm
ya lol
Lycan Savior Origin Report | 09/29/2009 7:17 pm
Lycan Savior Origin
Spit Phire Report | 09/29/2009 7:14 pm
Spit Phire
thanks i no

Jenisa Kia

Jenisa Kia's avatar

Birthday: 12/13

Morica Night
Chief Burnett
charlie scene1

WAT UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My BFFL Keila

One day I caught myself smiling
for no reason but then I realized
I was thinking of you

They laughed at me and asked
what I see in him I smiled back
and said everything you don't

I'm not perfect, I'll annoy you,
piss you off, say stupied stuff,
and then take it back, put it all aside,
you'll never find a girl that cares and loves
you more than me

Eveyone says that love hurts,
but that's not true, Losing someone hurts
rejection hurts ,loniness hurts, Eveyone confuse
these things with love, but in reality
love is the only thing in this world that
covers up all the pain and makes us feel
wonderful again

Im sarcastic and have a smartass attitude.
It's a natural defense against drama, bullshit,
and stupitity

A good friend will come bail
you out of jail..... but a true
friend will be sitting next to you
saying....Damn we ******** up

If your asking if i need you
the answer is forever
If your asking if i'll leave you
the answer is never
If your asking what I value
the answer is you
If your asking if I love you
the answer is I do

Kiss on the Forehead-We're cute together
Kiss on the Cheek-We're friends
Kiss on the Hand-I adore you
Kiss on the Neck-I need you,now!
Kiss on the Shoulder-Your perfect
Kiss on the Lips-I Love you...
French Kiss-Babe I love you and never want to give you up

A boy gave a girl 12 roses
11 real and 1 fake and said to her
"I will love you till the last rose dies"

One of my
Good friends