For the most part. No one gets how I am. Not even myself in a sense. However so. I have realized much.

I am slowly understanding what it means to be like water. To reflect everything and to grasp nothing.

That life is one expansive paradox awaiting the spiritual awakening. The release of self-assurance.

Being not for or against. But doing what's needed at that moment. Not letting others or self criticism uphold prominence.

That anything that is codependent on your happiness will soon come to an end. But realizing that breaking all patterns of your own mind will bring a blossoming of ones true...honest self.

Aim at anything even if it is impossible. Break all patterns of your mind. Study and replace bad habits with new. Seek self perfection. Set the atmosphere for you to continually grow without the dependence of the exterior. Then sooner or later. One realizes the truth of the one who looks back from the mirror.


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The man who conquers himself is Superior to the man who conquers A thousand in battle.

I am thy Divine King Hannibal! :)