Hey guys :3~ I'm finally back on my account again~!

I'm so excited whee
If you were my friend before, please request me. I lost all of my friends sad

i'm currently a 3rd year undergrad at a university in the midwest. i'm a psych major and i want to analyze you <3


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Miss you <333

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thats what I'm hoping! I can't wait for graduation. I WANNA GO TO COLLEGE SO BADDDDD XD

And O:
That's an awesome choice of major! =D

Hahaha is it more addicting that Gaia?! eek

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Thanks!! Haha I hope so, I'm nervous as heckkkkk. XD

What are you majoring in? =D

And you kinda make me wanna check it out. O:
Maybe I willlllll ninja

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XD a bunch of state universities, two UC schools, and my top choices are Boston College and Emory. 3nodding

ooohhh~ what's reddit?? XD

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Purdyyy good. cool
I'm doing college apps, which is a pain in the booty, but otherwise I'm just peachy~ 4laugh

How're youuu?? I haven't seen you in ages, haha~

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eek omg jello.
It's Winter. 4laugh

And I see you. ninja

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omg. your profile is way too confusing. i couldn't even figure out if we were friends.

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No way. Screw the new items. If they didn't have it in '05 don't even bother trying to teach me.

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Right now I'm actually thinking about being a pediatrician. My mother keeps pushing me towards radiology, but I really haven't decided on anything specific yet.

And me too, for the most part. I never think about it when I'm busy at school, but on breaks I sometimes end up coming back here. I might actually try to make a new avatar later... I spent some of yesterday trying to buy items, but I'm scared of the new ones and they moved all the old ones around so I never know where anything is.

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Degree is in Chemistry. And yeah, I've been applying to med schools over break. I just finished taking a practice MCAT, actually.

I miss AT. I liked knowing everyone. I liked not having all the avatars be a ******** of unmatchiness. Now I hardly recognize any of them.