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Orion_wolf_demon Report | 11/29/2017 10:12 pm
I don't know if you get on anymore but I just wanted to say I am sorry for not being here for you or anyone else...I am a horrible father and for that I really am sorry.
Orion_wolf_demon Report | 10/02/2015 10:35 am
My son -embraces you tightly- I have missed you so so so much -kisses the top of your head before looking you over- you've changed a little, I think...-keeps looking- !!!!what happened to your wings?
Rylynn_Ryuujin Report | 09/24/2015 6:21 pm
-hugs- hi brother
Angel Gremory Report | 08/12/2015 1:15 am
Angel Gremory
scream REALLY JELLO!! -looks around the cage remembering last time it shocked me- evil when i get out of here your ganna lose a tail
and then some....
-she growls at him-
Zero Ryuujin Report | 02/08/2015 7:59 pm
Zero Ryuujin
lol thanks
Orion_wolf_demon Report | 12/23/2014 7:10 am
-he just starts laughing- I made your mother blush XD and speachless XD
Orion_wolf_demon Report | 12/15/2014 8:53 am
lol I'm game in making more babies XD
Iriku Ryuujin Report | 12/15/2014 3:24 am
Iriku Ryuujin
-looks at big brother- ......-looks at the food hes made- .....-belly growls- .....
Orion_wolf_demon Report | 12/12/2014 11:14 am
I see ^,..,^ -he ruffles your hair a bunch-
Orion_wolf_demon Report | 12/01/2014 8:06 pm
yes I have PM'd her -he smiles and hugs you tightly then ruffles your hair- I have missed you guys so much! how have you been? how are your siblings? oh an I am chatting with Rylyn in PM too smile

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awww my lil boy! *squeezes*

>w< *starts to choke*

haha sis

HA! you encouraged her. its your own damn fault. >>

baby sis!!! *about to squeeze*

^^brother~ *pulls out gun*

O.O; ok no hug?

*father nesting and resting with the hatch lings*