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Hello people who are reading this, my name is shadow king of wolves. I would first like to say that i have dyslexia, i know that other people have it as well, and some people handle it better then others. As for me, i have trouble with it some times with my spelling and grammar. I try my best to handle it but it can be hard at times. So if you R.P. with me please do not hold it against me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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the moon chronicles

this is for my stories i will be writing


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777star777 Report | 09/14/2013 8:13 pm
Bro ! I miss ya , tell me when ur free tomorrow so we can Skype or talk.
Nyx Argyros Report | 09/06/2013 9:23 pm
Nyx Argyros
Thank you for your patronage.
Tempest the Zorua Report | 09/06/2013 5:35 pm
Tempest the Zorua
Hey I'm back on Skype if you still wanna video chat.
777star777 Report | 08/27/2013 6:46 am
Hey , can u add me to friends list again bro lol
Valiant Depression Report | 08/26/2013 8:04 am
Valiant Depression
ment outfit but i can send the error correct message. but still anything new with you?
Nari Rebel Report | 08/18/2013 8:41 pm
Nari Rebel
You can't leave gaia! How will I be able to talk to you? *hugs you super tight to keep you here* please don't go...
invisible ultra SHADOW 64 Report | 08/09/2013 5:33 pm
invisible ultra SHADOW 64
tis a tale of romance and drama ill pm you the detales
Nari Rebel Report | 08/08/2013 11:06 pm
Nari Rebel
lol alright. goodnight, sweet dreams and catch ya later.
Nari Rebel Report | 08/08/2013 11:02 pm
Nari Rebel
that is shall. let's see, first we'd need cars... then what? xp
Nari Rebel Report | 08/08/2013 10:53 pm
Nari Rebel
anytime, just know I'm here for you, ok? emotion_hug if nothing else, we can plot ways of running the world twisted

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Hay everyone i need help to pay for college and a car. Please help me out by buying some amazing products from my avon.


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my bestest friend in the whole wide world who i will do any thing for and is not my best friend in the whole world he is my best friend in the whole wide galaxy. and i will do anything for him. for he is troy the ruler of all 11 hells, and the only person who can tell me what to do. the only thing my best friend troy can not do is make a longer caption on his home page for me because, he thinks right now that his will be longer but he dose not know that i really hate to lose so i will keep making this longer and longer every time it comes to my mind, i may have really bad spelling and grammar, but i have spell check, and that will do, yes i think it will do, so my friend troy, well yea i have known him longer than all my other friends and i think he is just amazing. i really enjoy going over to his house and spending time with him. then only bad thing about troy is that he hates [b]Milk[/b], how can anyone hate milk? i love milk, i drink it everyday. but troy is troy and he will always be my best friend, and yes most of this was just to make this longer, and longer, so i can win at this little game we are having, he will never beat me for i will keep walking until i can't feel my legs, for you can't shingle a house with a jermay. and i really really hope that this is longer than troys, o yea i forgot i wrote a story for you troy and i think you should read it now. the year was 1776 and the moon family was out gathering people from villages, and bringing them to a castle, they would promise food and fine wine. young Leon was in charge if this, he was only 16 years old, but he showed much promise. he was strong and able to keep his temper down. a horrible trait in the moon family was there extremely small tempers. Leon was the youngest of the family, and was put in charge of most of the small things, like gathering people for the big party for which the whole clan would attend. he would stand around 6 foot tall and only weighed 180 pounds, he had a nice tan to his white skin, he held a muscle bound body, he had black hair as dark as night, it was as smooth as silk. his eyes were like the sea, and his face held a small scar it was a vertical scar, that was about three inches long and about one centimeter wide. Leon was riding on his horse, coming into town called ravenstone, it was called this do the a stone that looked like a raven, no one knows how it got there but a town was built around it. he smiled as he came in and everyone would come to see him as he was wearing the robes of the moon family, it was leather cloak that was as black as his hair," i am looking for Seriden family" he said as it was in his list of families to invite, "don't keep me waiting i have many more letters to deliver." his voice was deep and of that of a spoiled child which he was. he would look to the towns people and he felt the uneasy stair that all of them were giving him. he would keep his blue eyes one one man who was the leader of the village. "i am looking for the Seriden family where might i find them?" he said to the man in his spoiled voice. the man would look to him, "the only living member of that family is Lark, he works at the lumber mill. about 5 miles east of here." he said. with out a word Leon would clime back onto his horse and take off east, he road until he found the mill. he would walk in and call out "i am looking for a boy named Lark." he saidLark was hard at work most of his body was covered, in rags, and he would scan the room with his leaf green eyes, he would walk from his station and approach Leon, he looked up to him as Leon was probably about 2 feet taller than he was. he held himself high and looked to the boy' i am the one named Lark." he said trying his best to make his voice deeper. so he would sound more manly. his tone was also very cold to Leon, he knew very well why he was there at this moment, Leon then spoke,"this is for you." Leon said as he would then hand the invitation over to him, it was a plain parchment that was folded and sealed with the moon family crest a howling wolf. Lark watched at Leon would then clime on to his horse and ride off.Lark would look to the others and lift the letter then walk off" i have a ball to go to." he said as he would walk to his own horse it was not a young horse, it was very old but it got him where he needed to go. he took the horse back to the village, he arrived by sundown. he would go into the bar and order his dinner, roast pork, and fine wine. after he ate he would go to his room as he was still new to the town, but he was given the room free for as long as he was there. this was do to him volunteering to investigate the moon family, as every year less people would return from the castle, and those who did would not remember a thing of what happened, all hollows eve was three nights from now. he would need to try and find out as much as he could before the ball. slowly fell asleep wearing his full outfit.the next day Lark would wake up and clime out of his bed, and look around his room "well i guess i need to find out about the moon family." he said as he grabbed his bag and started to the town canonical, she lived on the other side of town, Lark knew she knew something about the Moon family. he would walk through the town some of villagers would give him a strange look from time to time. some would whisper to about him and how strange he acted, but Lark would just walk pass them not caring what they said. then he finally came to the door and slowly knocked on it, he had heard this woman was older than anyone in the village, and she has not been seen in many years but they all know she is still in there. after a moment of waiting he could hear a voice as if someone was choking, he opened the door quickly, and came in, he would see a huge bird laying on the ground, it was squirming and moving, as if in it was chocking feathers were everywhere, he would shut the door and quickly tend to the bird, it was choking on a bone. he was able to pull it out and the bird would stop squirming and look at him, it was the largest he had ever seen. the bird would look over to the door as it would blow open by winds not of this world, Lark would look to the door and run to it. with all his might he would push it back so it was on the latch, again he would then pull a piece of wood and place it in its latch, to keep the door from opening again. the wind would then die down soon after he was able to shut the door, he placed both hands on the door. he would look back to see a woman leaning over she was naked, and breathing heavily. he would walk to her and place his cloak over her, then pull a chair for her, "where did the bird go?" he asked looking at her.the women looked at him," thank you child, and the raven is gone for now.?" she said with a gentle smile, covering herself with his cloak "now tell me why are you here?" he said looking at him with a stern look in her eyes. as if she was reading him trying to figure out something about him. "ah my lad i see now." she said with a smile," don't worry boy, i will not tell a soul." she said reaching for a cup of tea that wasn't there a moment ago.there you go troy i really hope you like it i work on if for a long time and i, am kinda at a roadblock as of now but i will get past it and now for random crap story.there once was a man from jim, and he was slim, he loved to eat but it would seem, no matter how much he ate, he would get thinner, he feared that one day he might disappear. so he jumped into the pool of pure fat in hopes he would get fatter, he swam in the pool of fat for 16 days but, he lost no wait at all. in fact after that he never lost any weight again, for his dog jumped into the pool as well and killed him. as for his dog he got a world record of being the fattest dog to ever live, what do you mean you did not like my story? i worked even harder on this one, then the first one. fine then listen to my pome.ladies and gentlemen, hobos and tramps. cross eyed mosquitoes, and bow legged ants. admission is free, just pay at the door, pull up a chair and sit on the floor, for i have a story to tell that i know nothing bright night in the middle of the day, two dead boys went out to play, back to back they faced each other. pulled out their swords and shot each other, a death cop heard the noise and came and killed the two dead boys. if you do not believe that my lie is true, just asked the blind man he saw it too.

my bestest friend if you hurt her i will find you and break your legs, and arms