Misa here! Want to know something about me? Okay, how about I give you eight random facts about myself. Eight seems like a random enough number, right?

1. I look a lot like my avvie. I do that on purpose.

2. I have Irish royalty in my ancestry.

3. I play flute and piano. I'm a LOT better at the flute, though. sweatdrop

4. I freaking love Digimon.

5. I'm right-handed, but my eyesight in my right eye is worse than in my left. So I have different lenses on each eye of my glasses. 3nodding

6. I'm allergic to anything with tomato in it. Ketchup, pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce... I think you get the idea. Always have been. It's not bad at all, though, contrary to popular belief. I don't know what I'm missing out on, and you can't miss something you don't do.

7. Um... I have a DeviantArt account which actually has a few things on it now. I'm jedifox13 on there.

8. My favorite princess ever is Rapunzel. I used to have hair like hers, just not /quite/ so long.. lol. Now my hair kinda looks like Princess Ashe's from Final Fantasy. A child with cancer somewhere has 15 inches of it now. heart

I have a mental illness, and I am not ashamed of it. I have been diagnosed with depression, psychosis, and mild OCD. I'm a borderline schizophrenic. And I have issues with insomnia. A lot of people I go to school with would never guess, though. I'm not a freak, and if you think I am because of what I have, you don't know what you're talking about. It isn't fair to judge people like me if you don't know us. We're the same as anyone else, just with different problems. If you or someone you know has a mental illness, you really should check out The Mental Illness Guild. There are a lot of wonderful people there who are willing to help you. They have helped me through so much. I love them! heart I'll talk to you, too, if that seems a little intimidating. 3nodding

Feel free to send me a friend request if you think we'd get along. I don't bite. ^.^ Usually...

Oh, I thought I might add some tidbits of personal wisdom I've collected over my just over 20 years of life...
~ Never head-bang in doorways. It hurts. A lot.
~Don't try to play golf with a croquet mallet. It has potential to give the person standing behind you a really bad headache. Or a skull fracture.
~Having big boobs isn't as great as everyone thinks it is. It comes with really bad back pain, expensive online bra shopping, nearly impossible swimsuit shopping (even worse than the online bra shopping) and a closet with a wardrobe limited to t-shirts, things with a lot of stretch to them, and button-ups I "borrowed" from my dad's closet. And let's not even start on dress shopping...
~Keep a pair of crutches in your closet. You never know when you may need them.
~Don't be a creeper. It's creepy.
~It's okay to cry. Even if it seems like you have no reason to. Letting it out makes you feel worlds better.
~Don't make fun of cancer.
~Art is funner when you make a really big mess.
~Find your Prince Charming, your Knight in Shining Armour, your Princess -- whatever he or she may be -- and let them know every day how much they mean to you. heart Best friends count, too.


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My Life is Average: Misa's version

You know MLIA? Same concept here, only it's all stuff that happened in my life. Please, feel free to laugh, and I love comments! ^.^


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