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Xedu Report | 08/26/2011 9:54 pm
random_shiichan Report | 08/12/2011 10:39 pm
yeah i completely agree D;
but atleast you're planning to return to gaia, i won't since my Univ. life will take over completely since it's a long program i'm joining so it'll keep me busy.....VERY busy T__T"
me too Jay!! It's really nice talking to you, you're such a fun & sweet person! :'D
I still haven't got to draw Jay & Holly for you!! gonk gonk gonk
i'm so terrible emo
i'll try to stop by DA though > u<
random_shiichan Report | 08/12/2011 10:20 pm
lol no probs Jay ^.^
just wanted to give a random gift before i leave gaia for good ; u;
homg i just noticed that you are leaving gaia too!! ; A;
you are totally right, life calls for sure Dx
///sigh/// i'll miss gaia!!! ; 3;
ArukadoFarenhaitsuTepeshu Report | 08/04/2011 8:41 pm
Well, darn. There goes my next drawing request >_<
iTsuu Report | 07/29/2011 5:14 pm
iTsuu Report | 07/29/2011 5:06 pm
Because. I never asked.
And I didn't wanna be a creeper and save the number when Shaq would call. xD
iTsuu Report | 07/29/2011 5:01 pm
Then allow me to say this amazingly stalkerish thing.

iTsuu Report | 07/29/2011 4:59 pm
I'll miss you. <3
Winox Report | 07/29/2011 4:48 pm
why are you quit gaia? eek eek eek
the sheeps Report | 07/24/2011 8:29 am

I had quit Gaia. Life calls ):
I'll check my PMs every once in a while if you'd like to say talk to me.
But otherwise I'm not going to be on anymore.
Thank you for your time, I hope to see everyone again in the future!