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Whattup viewers. Da name's Joshua a.k.a Smiley a.k.a Jay a.k.a MooSoliiD.
For those of you who don't know me, I'm a 17 yr old Latino kid from Boston chilling it up in Gaia. I don't really show up much since I am a working dude. But you'll b seeing me from time to time.
(Oh & i posted images of "me" in the bottom of my "About ME" list of info. Just incase ya wonder wat i might look Like) wink Enjoy

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What I'm Like . . .
Hmmmm, okay . . . . I'm a Latino Kid that currently lives in Bean-Town ( as said b4 ). I'm a chatty person who enjoys chilling with about anyone. I'm the type to talk like there's no tomorrow for no apparent reason. I do about the most randomness shiootz out dere. And i give all the credit to my weirdest inspiration . . . . . Jack a**. lolz
I'm currently in high skool (Junior year). Ummm. . . . I'm not really much into education or anything that includes working my butt off. Don't get it wrong though, i still keep my grades up there no matter what.
I looove joking around with people just to have fun with them ( ppl meaning girls ) I'm a really patient dude. I like taking my time with things, don't really like to rush. But i can still get pretty serious from time to time though. "Like dat time someone stole my water bottle for the 13th time. . . Ooooo, i was getting ready to kick a** that day". But the worst part was that i never found out who did it. Hummm. . . . mayb it was Mike. . . . . Naaaaahhh
Anyways, I looove being with girls, whether it's playing around with them, or just chatting wit em. Dey b having some interesting conversations . . . If u know wha i mean. blaugh I get the Jay-Daddeh flying out there mouth like it'z nuttin. cool "Playa-Playa"
Oh, and 1 more thing, although i may be the type to chill along with about anything . . . . . I don't let any ***** step over me like dirt!!! I hate people who start probz for no damn reason trinna get all tough n s**t. When it comes down to holding up ma own, I'll rock some serious s**t out here.
~ To all dem s**t spazers trinna rash ~

-(A few Years Later) I realized arguing with corny kids in Gaia is really pointless. Seriously. Its called a "website" not a hood were all dem fake bloods, crips, LK's & MS's be reppin online blocks. Lmao I live in BeanTown, i was raised in some upTown H-Block heightz. A former "LK", & i know wat im talking about. U wanna rep, go swing a flag in the REAL world, not in this cartoon website. It's really a downer so get Hip. So simply as a word of assistance for all yu guys, "its a website so dont go talking stupid in this page or any other. Its pointless & it just makes ya look very bad". Yup, & that wud be all =] Thank-U for ur very much appreciated attention.

My Special Regards

I place some deep respect on this special friend of minez. She, who's been there for me whenever i had a problem. Always telling me best whenever i needed it. Even though she seems unreachable, she makes it feel like shes still here.
~ I hope the best for Browniinez and her Boii. Thnx 4 ur support ~

Loving It:
Girls/Ladies/chicks/females/nenas (no he-shes included),
Eating like my life depended on it, sweatdrop
Playing Sports,
Listening to Music,
My Haters,
Sleeping like a bear,
Going to the Movies,
Playing video games,
Hanging wit the family,
Chilling wit ma boiiz n gurlz.

Hating It:
Fake (wannabee) Gangsters,
Couch Potatoes and Tomatoes,
Grumpy People,
When girls are taller than me. . . j.k blaugh ,
Followers a.k.a butt scratchers,
Two Face People,
When gay dudes try to bag me ( No Joke ),
People who beat me in Super Smash Bros Braw!!!
Mustard, Yuuuck!!! :X

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Link To My Awesome Art Creationz!!!
.... Link Is To B Put up Soon ....

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For tracking me down...

AIM: Chur Boii Smiley
AIM E-MAIL: churboiismiley@aim.com
MSN: mista_cheesy@hotmail.com
YAHOO: platano_mahao@yahoo.com
MYSPACE: ( For Certain Pplz only )

Oh! Nd heres that pic for those of you who wonder what ur boi Jay-Hustla looks like =]

Some Random Pic of Me
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Joshua @ Da Mall [AeroPostale]
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Joshua & Melissa Goin 2 NewYork -- (in my all Black Calvin Klein Suit) Hahaha Cant swagg it Like Me =] Im wrapped up in money bayba!!!
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Haha AND i Break Dance!!! (me attempting to do a WindMill) Haha DYC ALL DAYYY!!! ((( iREP-N$J-!A! )))
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100% ME =]
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$440.00 Hahaha Why Make Money in Gaia when u can Make Money u can ACTUALLY use. Lol Haha True Balla 0uT Here Bayba!!! Nd dats only in Hand. Hmmm i wonder how much i own in da Bank?!? =] "-M.O.B-"
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Hi My Name Is Tarah

Report | 07/01/2010 9:36 pm

Hi My Name Is Tarah


Report | 04/01/2010 7:34 am


I feel lost when i try using aim
Im just clicking stuff and it is just so confusing
but anyway facebook is what is up these days my friend!!
but maybe I will learn to use aim and it might be easier when i figure out how to use it.
Lol i text my friends rather then trying to call them, because there are always those weird moments of silence
Alaorias Vendor

Report | 03/31/2010 10:19 pm

Alaorias Vendor

Hey Joshua Ish Dee , How Yooh Been? Gawd Its Been So Long Huh? I Quit Cause My Gaia Hubby Quit So I Decided To Hand My Account Over To My Brother Hehe , Unfortunately I Still Dont Have an Aim Yet Cause My Computer Is That Retarded Lolz But Yeal I Wanna Keep In Touch k , LOVE YAH!
Alaorias Vendor

Report | 03/31/2010 1:38 am

Alaorias Vendor

Yep she ma sister she quit and gave me her account, I just talked to her nd she said she misses yuh nd remembers yew.

Report | 03/30/2010 8:48 pm


I hate aim
I am clueless on how it works
but anyway duuuuude i didnt no you had facebook
*sends add request*
but anyway, everything has changed on gaia
everything is so much more expensive
its so sad
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Report | 03/30/2010 12:39 pm


I have been fine
Make a facebooooook
lol and i have been okay just bored
how about you?

Report | 03/30/2010 11:03 am


Hello there!~*
Alaorias Vendor

Report | 02/25/2010 5:05 pm

Alaorias Vendor

Well Well Well Lookie Who It Is Lolz!

Hey Jay How Are Things? As You Can See I Am on Gaia Alot Now And Also Im No Longer Married My Husband Quit ;[
Stopped by to say Hi Lol
Figure Skate C

Report | 08/04/2009 7:41 pm

Figure Skate C

heh thats great to hear and im not coming on gaia that often i havent been on computer in weeks and im hooked on my xbox so sorry but email me or aim imma be on aim and my secret is to ... gotta tell you in a message but dont reply cuz i wont be able to see or come back on >.< email or aim almost text! hehe
Figure Skate C

Report | 07/08/2009 8:23 pm

Figure Skate C

lol it's a secret :]


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