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ThE nAmEz ♥AjEe♥. I gO tO EC HiGh ScHoOl iN aTl. I"m 14. sI'm AlWaYz FrEsH i RoCk HoLlIsTeR, bAbY pHaT, aNd AmBeRcOmBiE jUsT tO nAmE a FeW. oN mY fEeT i RoCk PaStErYs So AlL yALl LaMeS sTiCk To YaLl NiKeS! i HaVe AlOt Of BeSt FrIeNdS tHeIr NaMeS aRe JaSmAiNe♥, BiAnCa♥, TiArRa♥, JaLaNdIs♥, Bb♥, Jalandish♥, aUsTiN♥, aNd Rashaud♥. My VeRy BeSt FrIeNdS are Tito & Diah !!!! I aLsO hAvE 5 bRoThEr'S tHeY aRe RyAn♥ (BuBbA) oR lIl Ry 99, Qutrez♥, ZaY♥, sHaUn♥, AnD, zOoM♥. I aLsO hAvE 5 sIStEr'S cAnDiCe♥, AkArA♥, aRiAn♥, KeKe♥ AnD dAsEy♥. Yep I got a twin 2 her name is dasha and we da baddest. I aM vErY cOnCiTeD sO iF yOu HaTe CoNcItEd PeOpLe ThEn click da back button! Im and weezy
fanatic but yea if u wanna know more get at me♥

♥PeOpLe DoN'T cOp My StLyE! ♥

♥ I'm A rOcKStAr AnD dOn'T fOrGeT iT!!! ♥
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JaY bEaR_3

My Brother

The one and only Princess!

Lil Cuzo!