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U can call me Java... everyone does. ^^
I'm 21... from Romania... student...

Hmmm... I'm an anime fan... currently fandoming for K-On!, but I've seen quite a lot others. ^^
I also like to roleplay, but i'm quite picky about people I'd roleplay with (u know... no one-liners, no sues, no illogical actions... stuff like that) so I don't know if u'll see me too often around here roleplaying...
Games... mmorpgs like Perfect World, Ether Saga, Flyff, Cabal, SRO... and some others that I used to play... I hate maple story razz
books... I prefer fantasy... (Twilight sucks, btw)... also horrors, good thrillers (ex: The Shadow - John Saul... awesome book), wise-a** slice-of life... sometimes historical (the movies of this genre are awsome, btw) and so on...

aaaand... u can ask for more info if u want it. ^^

I do avvie art for stuff from my wishlist... refference over my art-style u can get here:


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Pink Marshmallow 132 Report | 02/25/2010 12:02 pm
Pink Marshmallow 132
Sorry, this the proper reciept:
1 Spirted 2k9 Casimir Dress-1,940 Gold
Bought from Pinky's Store!
Pink Marshmallow 132 Report | 02/25/2010 12:01 pm
Pink Marshmallow 132
Thank you for shopping at Pinky's Store!

Your reeciept:
Spirted 2k9 Casimir Dress
Bought from Pinky's Store

If you are unsatified with the service you got in my shop or the item is not up to the standard you want it to be, please send me a pm or profile comment to bring this to my attetion. Write this if you are unsatified:
I am unsatified with my purchase of a ...............(whatever you bought). I paid ................(how much gold you paid for it). I am unsatified with my .........................(whatever you bought) because ........................(your reason). You MUST copy and paste the recipet into your pm or profile comment as then I have proof that you bought the item from me!
If this is a reason that I agree with, you will immendantly get refunded but you have to give the item back to me in a trade. I will then send you a pm or profile comment to say I am sorry for the inconvince. However, if I do not agree with your reason for wanting your money back then I will say so and you will not be seeing your money. Also, this policy will not be valid if you leave if you own your item for three days. You can, of course, extend this time if you tell me in a PM, NOT a profile comment, that you would like an extension.
I hope you will never have to do this but don't be afraid if you do. Hope you liked your item!
Pinky's store
Darklord Valros Report | 02/24/2010 11:51 pm
Darklord Valros
Why? You a cop? No? Well then I guess I could tell you. I'd buy a monkey. An illegal monkey.
Kitkatluva124 Report | 08/13/2009 9:51 pm
hey i have samples if u wanna see biggrin
(for my avi art
Aiko Heiwa Report | 08/12/2009 10:56 am
Aiko Heiwa
Omg I start school this Monday. Yay freshman-hood!
T12ICKST312 Report | 08/11/2009 10:35 pm
Harry potter Freak! D<
Steel The Elder Report | 08/11/2009 5:01 am
Steel The Elder
Happy Birthday on Friday!
Aiko Heiwa Report | 08/06/2009 12:21 pm
Aiko Heiwa
I remember the song!(wow that took forever) It's the ending for the movie called Spirited Away. Itsumo Nando Demo or Always with Me.
Aiko Heiwa Report | 08/05/2009 8:23 pm
Aiko Heiwa
It kicked a**! Alright some members of Hollywood can't sing but it really was awesome. I'm doing a cosplay this Saturday at a mall with people I don't know. ;D
Aiko Heiwa Report | 08/04/2009 12:15 pm
Aiko Heiwa
Nothing really. I went to a concert(hollywood undead) and went to Sedona for a bit. How'd your vacation go?


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