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Dream Avi 1

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Marmalade Ho Report | 02/28/2009 1:41 pm
Marmalade Ho
Thanks for buying! User Image
caramelqueend Report | 01/25/2009 1:49 pm
thanx 4 buying
0ranE Report | 01/10/2009 6:14 pm
thX for buying
xXChArLiE_BrOwNXz Report | 12/25/2008 8:28 pm
hey jaosn look i gots angelic head band
xXChArLiE_BrOwNXz Report | 12/22/2008 10:56 am
can't right now im trying to sell my hermes moon an then im getting a demonbow then im giving the rest 40 or 35k to my friend to help her get a pandy pack an then i gotta save up more money an then i gotta owe my friends sum k's an then right after dat imma save up an then i'll giv u sum money like i'll giv u like hav 5k or so or more if u want
xXChArLiE_BrOwNXz Report | 12/22/2008 10:52 am
hey jason u should com over we're having a biggggggggg snowball fight an i can't go to ur house i think 1:my aunt an my mom's in da hostpital an 2:i hav to ask my mom first but i gotta trick her User Image dat ur gonna pick me up but can u walk over here if i could go to ur house jst meet me at my house if i can go ask ur parents first
xXChArLiE_BrOwNXz Report | 12/19/2008 8:35 pm
was sup jakudut
shinararu Report | 12/19/2008 9:25 am
come today
shinararu Report | 12/18/2008 8:23 pm
kk i got a new wii ngame
shinararu Report | 12/18/2008 7:58 pm
ur mother pick me up at school on tusday and i said where jason she said frinday and there mite not be school look outside its like 3 in. of snow!