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Why Hello There~

My name is Yoichi and if you can't tell from the rainbows and symbols, I am a gay Jashinist =w=. Well. . . I wouldn't say gay I just like to leave my options open so to speak. I enjoy origami and have been doing so since I was little inspired after my mother, I also enjoy slaughtering the **** out of everything that gets in my way! oxo; Pardon the language, filthy habit, HaHa ^^. I was born and raised in Akatsuki and boy oh boy do I get a kick out of tormenting every last one of them. . . oxo; I think overall though I'm a pretty good person ^^

Anyways, I love people so come on and talk to me hun, we can stay up all night and talk about whatever! Just don't annoy me, or you'll find yourself being suffocated with a pillow by dawn. ~I'm sorry was that to blunt? Oh well ^^~ Praise Jashin my Darlings, ciao~

Personality: Yoichi is very outgoing and very assertive, he knows what he wants and normally how to get it. He doesn't like to take orders or be told no. He doesn't back down from his goals even if there only hopeless attempts at something unreachable. He strongly believes his opinions are the best and disagrees with anyone who thinks differently. Overall he has almost a split personality which switches on and off as provoked. One being more hyper and flamboyant, as well as creative and a better confident person. The other being a complete lunatic that loves creating chaos, these very different qualities are exposed in equal balance which might stumble some people. He might not seem it but he's rather intelligent

Age: 19 (Currently)

Likes: Getting into trouble, drawing and designing. He also enjoys criticizing people, purposefully going out of his way to do so. He likes sunbathing, skinny dipping, being pampered, and finding ways to get out of hard labor. He likes to lose it sometimes and destroy the innocent either mentally or physically gaining pleasure either way. He likes warm fuzzy and cute things and doesn't like to give them up once in his possession. His favorite food is Strawberry cake and his favorite color is pink.

Dislikes: He hates being ignored or being called un-amusing. He hates being wrong and refuses to accept the truth when he is brushing the offenders to the side. He doesn't like people who could be considered rude or unintelligent. Yoichi doesn't like to get dirty, even taking precautions when killing so to not get blood on his clothing. He hates spicy and sour foods preferring sweet and salty. He also shows zero toleration when people bad-mouth his God, Jashin, unless they are a follower.

Elements: Yoichi has no natural born elements.

Weaponry: Yoichi carries a chain-bladed whip either on his back or waist but uses only to intimidate in most cases unless he's going out for a sarifice. The blades and force from the crack tear flesh and create deadly gashes that can be fatal. To finish the job he uses a metal pike and stabs it into his opponent.


Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood- An ability past down from the God Jashin that allows the user to draw blood from there opponent and consume it linking the user to there foe. Any damage inflicted upon the user will be inflicted upon the enemy as well much like a voodoo doll.

Paper Shuriken- The ability to turn paper into a deadly ninja star using chakara to harden and sharpen it.

Paper Person of God- The ability to form an ocean of razor sharp paper and trap the enemy inside.

Paper Clone- The ability to create and Manipulate paper.

Physical Advantages:
He can turn his body into paper which can be used to sneak around, get away from attacks, shape s**t into a convenient form, create weapons on the spot, and trap enemies. He's also got a lot of energy allowing him to move on and on without stopping, however a lazy mood can prevent this. He's very thin and small but his speed and flexibility make up for it.

Mental Advantages: Besides being cunning and an intelligently quick thinker, his rash behavior often contradicts him canceling out a lot of possible advantages in this category.

Weaknesses: His rash behavior as well as Fire and Water.