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Jane wandered from world to world until settling in Barton three and a half years ago. She quickly became wrapped up in the festivities around Gaia. Due to a fateful argument with Johnny K. Gambino at his mansion during the Olympics about human nature and the science behind it he offered her a position at G-Corp. She was then approached by agents of the Anti G-Corp; she took up their offer to play double agent because she began to think that G-Corp was up to something that would destroy her new home of Gaia.

She had been in the lab the night of Gambino’s Halloween bash and had been one of the first to be exposed to the Virus. She awoke a few days later to find herself human again and nearly all of Gambino’s property and the lab destroyed. She discovered that the Virus that had turned much of Gaia’s population in to zombies had been an accident and not a deliberate attempt to hurt any one. Johnny’s son Gino was missing and G-Corp was nonexistent.

After she recovered she set up shop with a few friends in the Exchange. She’d done well enough to take a Christmas break to help look for Gino. Jane was more than content to sit back and watch the rise and fall of the VonHelson sisters while she was contracting back to Gambino on and off. She managed to stay away from the second wave of the zombie Virus and the Zurg “invasion”.

During the vampire attack she joined the Slayer's Alliance and was able to remain human the entire time.

Jane in Real Life

What can be said about the Jane?

She's just a random young lady that acts like a 2-year-old with the mind of a dirty old man. Her goal in life is to make people think, think twice and then think again. (Truth be told all she really wants is everyone to be a little more logical and a lot less uptight.)

She also works a lot! She's a 40-hour-week I.T. girl for the Indian River County Sheriff's Department. And when she's not doing that she does a few Graphic Design jobs on the side, plays to many Role Playing Games and spends waaaay to much time reading Manga and watching Anime. (^_^)


Currently watching: Mythbusters, Danny Phantom and GUNxSWORD
Currently rewatching: The X-Files, M*A*S*H, Teen Titans
Currently reading: The Orc King and Full Metal Alchemist
Currently rereading: The Lucifer Principle and A History of Pirates
Currently playing: Halo 3
Currently replaying: Kingdom Hearts II


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Interesting username and profile, by the way!
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Hiee I could not help but notice your name I love that song and thanks so much for your purchase!
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Dark Mistress Quinn
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