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Hey look, stuff about me

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About Friend Requests:
In the past I would accept friend requests whether I knew the person or not; No more. If you want to be my friend I need to have at least spoken with you a little in any thread or guild, or have seen you around often enough that I can mentally link your Avi and name to a specific thread or guild. If I have never talked with you before, I will not accept your request. My list would get too big otherwise.

User ImageAnyways, I'm 22 years old...erm...young xD. I'm originally from Germany, but moved to the US in 2000. It's nice...I guess.

I'm really into crafting; mostly knitting. My latest thing is spinning my own yarn. I love working on Glass Art too. And anything involving paper, scissors and glue. Some of my Glass work can be seen on deviantART.com. I'm a fun person to be around, and love making new friends. Being with big groups of my friends are awesome, but sometimes it's nicer to just be by myself with a good book and a cup of coffee. I really like the Harry Potter books, and anything written by Laurell K. Hamilton; especially the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series. I'm mostly here for friends, and chatting with random people

Most of the time I can be found in Barton Towns, looking for rp's to join.

I am also on Menewsha now! The name is JellybeanInc for the moment, although I might change it. Feel free to look me up there and send me a PM or a comment!

I really love Avi Art. You can find most of it in my Journal...among a bunch of random crap. xD Wanna draw me? It would be greatly appreciated...and probably get you a tip. ^^ I'm also very fond of random little nick-knacks. Like Blinkies, or Dolls, or other cute stuff. And I love random comments.

Latest Piece of Art by kykou

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Faylinn Silvenslipper Report | 08/22/2011 3:08 pm
Faylinn Silvenslipper
WOW! =o
We have the same birthday.
Bishiekisser Report | 06/07/2011 4:16 pm

Happy Birthday.

iRoachi Report | 05/21/2011 10:17 pm
Hey you ... I haven't seen you on menew in forever...
WTH nail me Report | 12/20/2010 3:04 am
WTH nail me
User Image
Bag3l Report | 11/09/2010 12:00 pm
Sorry that i just used your profile for an achievement razz
Bag3l Report | 11/09/2010 12:00 pm
cool avi
Bag3l Report | 11/09/2010 11:59 am
cool avi.
iRoachi Report | 08/07/2010 6:39 pm
Hai jannie! smile <3
zombieNAMI Report | 07/07/2010 10:09 pm
Allail Report | 06/18/2010 10:45 pm
The laptop was broken first, actually.
She got pissed at me for locking my mom's laptop and her cellphone in my room.
It was probably an accident, but I don't even care about that, it's the fact that my sister doesn't give a sh*t that she broke a $700 laptop that didn't belong to her that makes me angry. Or that it was the only birthday gift I got from my mom for my sixteenth birthday. It doesn't affect her in a negative manner so she doesn't care.
And yes, already. My uncle is gonna be over in about nine hours since my nephew has a baseball game and they can't attend the actual party.


[b:a627247840]Check out my quest of stuff!
I can be found on Menewsha most of the time. PM for my user name.[/color:a627247840][/b:a627247840][img:a627247840]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v671/Nici101/Randomness/DancingSanta.gif[/img:a627247840]


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