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Report | 05/30/2007 10:50 am

Natashaa Romanoff

Drusilla....she's crazy i'm glad she's gone....
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Report | 05/29/2007 8:31 pm

ice cold pizza

ummm my mannequine touches itself. while I sleep and elmo watches
Lover_of_the_Fluff's avatar

Report | 05/28/2007 12:13 pm


Well the stroll is fairly short, good thing blankets are SPF 100 or I'd have a pile of dust on my profile.

Help yourself to the crazy, but please don't drink all hot cocoa.

XP, Lover
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Report | 05/27/2007 11:19 am


hey whats up?
ice cold pizza's avatar

Report | 05/27/2007 10:57 am

ice cold pizza

JACK SPARROW mobved to sunnydale 4 me!! heart I love you jack!
ice cold pizza's avatar

Report | 05/27/2007 10:10 am

ice cold pizza

The darkness comes's avatar

Report | 05/27/2007 4:34 am

The darkness comes

"Workin' up a load of sexual tension and then prancing away like a magnificent poof is thanks enough for me." Lol. I love that quote. It's picking on Angel. HE IS A BLOODY POOFBALL
Michael_Litvinov's avatar

Report | 05/25/2007 9:23 am


yo dude you look like the kid from southpark you know the stupid little nerd hahahaha just kiding
Murdered by Darkness's avatar

Report | 05/24/2007 8:42 pm

Murdered by Darkness

you call me a ninny because i say I am good like Angel.....well I DO have a bad side that does get out once in a while. Oh well......being good is boring and I am on my way to being bloody evil like I used to be.....way back when Angel bloody sired me.
BuffySlays's avatar

Report | 05/24/2007 8:40 pm


Spike...commented...my...profile!! <swoons> Angel's a poncy poofter. You'll always be the big bad in my heart <3
Trice Allen Marcellus's avatar

Report | 05/23/2007 11:36 am

Trice Allen Marcellus

Black shirt <3
Thank you for the profile compliment.
And I am more fond of you, Spike
Trice Allen Marcellus's avatar

Report | 05/23/2007 7:27 am

Trice Allen Marcellus

Dear Spike,
I heart you
Random Comment XD
Lover_of_the_Fluff's avatar

Report | 05/20/2007 5:59 pm


Ne c'est pas? Maybe you have a Doublemint twin.

Or maybe he stole your look like David Bowie, though he really doesn't pull it off quite as well as you do.

Are you in Hawaii? Oh wait, I forget Spikey has a weird sense of style sometimes, but that shirt looks too much like something Xan would wear.

BuffySlays's avatar

Report | 05/18/2007 9:21 pm


Thanks for signing the bloody Buffy Items Petition!
peoplermypeople's avatar

Report | 05/18/2007 6:39 pm


hey babe
whats up??
Hearts_On_Sleeves's avatar

Report | 05/18/2007 12:53 pm


Hello new friend.I love your name.
[ Buffy Bot ]'s avatar

Report | 05/14/2007 2:30 pm

[ Buffy Bot ]

Ya can't stop me! Even if ya kill me, anodder Slayer will be sent to take me place.

[That would be neat]

Could ya stop with the slayer thing? I'm the damn slayer!
Lover_of_the_Fluff's avatar

Report | 05/13/2007 5:52 pm



Nice avatar. (Politics 101, always start with a compliment ;P) So how's the unlife?


P.S. Love the music.
reality_deviant's avatar

Report | 05/08/2007 2:11 pm


Just edit your profile, and add a caption. It'll appear in a little word bubble in roughly the upper left of the screen. I've already had the editing program crash today, so if you're working on something important in another window, might wanna finish that first. When it works, it's silky-smooth, but...it usually doesn't work. xp
reality_deviant's avatar

Report | 05/07/2007 3:58 pm


That's exactly the juxtaposition of emotions that makes Spike such an interesting (read: bipolar wink ) character. I hate you, so I'll kill you with a shotgun...but now you're crying, and that makes me sad, can't I do anything to make it better? Another favorite moment is Spike practicing explaining his feelings to the Buffy-ish mannequin, becoming frustrated with her perceived insults, bashing her over the head with the box of chocolates, then very calmly reassembling her, putting chocolates back into the battered box, and starting again.
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