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What would [i:a3154eabd5]you[/i:a3154eabd5] do if i died tomorrow?[/align:a3154eabd5]
so you can ask me anything click bellow


The not so about me but vauge things i can think of box

Hello im a poet from Scotland (unfortunately unpublished) and im 20. I kinda associate as a fox fur but not totally, i love the idea of a tail and ears and will probs react if you scratch them xD. I love all my friends and hold them very close, i always try to be there for people and will help others if i can.

I dont have much to say about myself i guess. I am bi and proud and love meeting new people so feel free to chat ^_^.

Alright so some people seem to read i like to chat as please add me...I HATE RANDOM ADDS! Feel free to send a message and speak to me and feel free to accept hate if you randomly add me ^^ ok we clear on this point?

Im on steam as - James301poet
And Skype as - james_the_dark_poet (old name...)

OMG look what Phantom Wolf of Darkness drew me X3

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AND THIS (this is soo cute XD)

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AND another XD

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She is an amazing person and artist go chat to her ^_^


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Shadden Fae Report | 07/11/2013 1:13 pm
Shadden Fae
Thanks ^w^ I my bro did the face paint for me
Shadden Fae Report | 07/03/2013 2:19 pm
Shadden Fae
thank you ^w^
Phantom Wolf of Darkness Report | 06/16/2013 9:58 am
Phantom Wolf of Darkness
User Image
Phantom Wolf of Darkness Report | 05/26/2013 8:19 am
Phantom Wolf of Darkness
I'm not, I actually mean it =P I do, I have the link on my profile
Phantom Wolf of Darkness Report | 05/25/2013 6:07 pm
Phantom Wolf of Darkness
*pokes*... I should draw your avatar =P
Sir Nerd the Gentleman Report | 04/22/2013 12:52 pm
Sir Nerd the Gentleman
oooh! Right! biggrin
Sir Nerd the Gentleman Report | 04/16/2013 2:22 pm
Sir Nerd the Gentleman
Imp? OwO
Sir Nerd the Gentleman Report | 04/14/2013 9:44 am
Sir Nerd the Gentleman
You always look smexy. Who needs a fancy webcam? razz
Sir Nerd the Gentleman Report | 04/06/2013 10:23 am
Sir Nerd the Gentleman
Iiiiii'm eating Kit-Kats up the wazzoo. :3 How 'bout you?
Sir Nerd the Gentleman Report | 04/04/2013 6:09 am
Sir Nerd the Gentleman
Well, that's all the time. :3

Poem of the Moment

Here I will be posting any new or amazing poems I have written and want to share.


Its a long ride down memory lane,
To the place where i was born.
Deep down in a valley,
Where the river esk roams.
It seems a long time since i been their,
Swam in the clear crystal dawn.
And a day doesn't pass with my memories,
And my brain go homeward bound.

Let me sing you along the long road,
Down the winding country side paths.
Where the trees are green and the fields are gold,
And the burn is on fire at night.
See the hills towering all around,
Guardians preserving my thoughts.
Where my family sleeps, and my heart weeps.
To be see the faded road signs.

I lived in a castle with only 6 rooms,
Where i stared out the window all day,
I listened to the sounds of the night,
The owls outside my bedroom.
And the cries of the dawn,
The birds were my every delight.
The church yard, school and post office,
Were all this place could own.
But to me it was all mine while i was a kid,
And the river my brother and guide.

I walked end to end along the banks,
With dogs in tow and my future ahead.
I sang out my hear aches and wishes their,
As the flowers budded, bloomed and fled.
From the hills tops around i looked down and saw,
My sweet childhood.
But as i grew and the years all died,
I realised the good times would end.

The days when a stick made you a knight,
A solider, wizard or just not right.
The days where summer lasted a year,
And boredom a single night.
I remember times when things were bad,
When tears were not the half.
But the good always outweighed the bad,
And the rain made everything all right.

These days are gone,
Memories in the wind.
But the sweet sounds of Tannadice,
Still bring them to mind.
I don't have many pictures,
But i still know how it looks,
I close my eyes and there it is.
Stretched out infront of me,
In shades of red and gold.
As the moonlight kills the sun,
Or in blazing green and blue.
Down by the rivers edge.
The nights where the river burns,
And the hills are golden patchwork.

Let me end this song on a tear,
To say goodbye, farewell.
To the place that brought me up,
And cast on me a spell.
I will always dream of it,
When things bring me down.
The sounds of sweet old Tannadice,
My one and only town


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Welcome to my world.

Enter If You Dare

Zarad Etoxol
Sir Nerd the Gentleman
Phantom Wolf of Darkness
Sir Nerd the Gentleman
Pride Kitsune

Then awesome person who did most of the artwork on my pro ^_^

The awesome twins =^_^=Love you both!

Amazing guy I have known forever... who gaara is eyeing up >_>

I AM DAVE! YOGNAUT AND I HAVE THE BALLS!!!(feel free to ask about this)

I made this!

My fat face ^^

I made this!