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What am I?

Ey', the names Jamal. >__>

I'm part of the Fangirl Protection Agency, or FPA. My co-worker is "Fangirl Protection Agency", or Gevanni.

I'm here to protect people against fangirls. Fangirls are ******** scary sometimes. Some of 'em are nice, but then theres the ones we call "rapists".

This is straight from Gevanni's profile, so don't go accusin' me of taking s**t.

Fangirls are dangerous people, but not always easy to recognize. Here are some tips to spot a fangirl before it's too late.

-May use the word "squee" when their victim is spotted.
-They like to tackle their victims, or in some cases "glomp" them.
-Tend to be overhyper, and like to yell things a lot.
-fangirls are always happy with what they're doing, which is made obvious by the use of "^_^".
-In worse case scenarios, the fangirl will think she is japanese. You can tell by how they use japanese words such as "Kun" "Chan" "San" and especially "kawaii".


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Knnyah Report | 08/07/2007 8:02 am
xD you're already in danger *looks at the post below* you need guns =D .. lol ... Can I awnser her question? please? you don't even know me but I'm boored and I wanna awnser her xD ...

1.If they got fangirls they would probably keep their activities a secret from now on and only contact people that they think NEED their help instead of ofering an open service (that would be bad for the people that need help >.< wink ... so cut that out.

2. you can show off your scythe all you want ... kids have guns now =D

3. You might THINK they only have 2 more menbers ... BUT! what if they have undercover agents? you never know (I mean come on these guys are protecting Near they're not stupid >_> wink ... And fangirls are week at emotions (sorry xP) and would probably have a tear atack if they even sounded like they didn't like her ... (my opinion, don't hit me)

4. I'm sure they provide services for both right. RIGHT? it woulden't be fair to be sexcist altought it is more comun to have fangirls around here than fanboys (guys just don't have it in their nature >.< wink

(Oh and this is my opinion i don't know if it is like this (I just hope it is for peoples sake)

And now I will say ... you guys are really cool to provide this service to the people in gaia =) ... keep up the good work ^_^
Stephkotsu Report | 08/05/2007 2:00 pm
What would you do if you yourself got a fangirl... or fanboy?

I myself happen to be a fangirl, but I doubt you'd want to attack me. Because I have a scythe in which to protect myself with.

What would you plan to do in case of an area filled with fangirls? So far you only have one other member, you would be outnumbered... and overall you already are. With only two members in the FPA, you're only able to protect one person at a time at best. Or at least that's how I see it...

Though I am quite curious and intruiged with you two now...

One last question, what if a fangirl wants you to protect them from fanboys or vice versa? :3 Have you ever thought of that happening?
Fangirl Protection Agency Report | 08/04/2007 11:24 pm
Fangirl Protection Agency
Hello Jamal.

How are things going, whacked any fangirls latley?

Keep up the god work.
xxxSnookaxxx Report | 06/05/2007 11:48 am
stop taking our names u bitches!