The Life Of The SoleDummi



Ay Im Jamal And Im A SneakerHead Which Means I Love Sneakers(Jordans).Im Old Enough. Im A Freak When It Comes To Hot a** Girls. Im NO HATER. I Chill Wiit Friends N Family Alot, I Work Out Alot Cuz I Gotta Stay Fit. Ohh..Man I Hate Haters. I Bangs In New York(Brooklyn). I Wuz Born On November 20th(Scorpio). I Use To Be Crip But Den I Dropped Out. If Yu Seexi Hiit Me Up. . . I Love To Party Becuz I Stay Wiit Madd Shorties N I Get Da Digits.Sex is a Sensation Caused by Temptation. A guy sticks his Location In a girl's Destination To increase the Population Of the next Generation Do you get my Explanation? Or do you need a Demonstration Lmfao. Yu Wanna Know More Or Get To Know Me More. Jus Pm Me. SoleDummi Outta Space.мαн σffιcιαℓ ραgє (©181193455] мαн ѕωαgg xcℓυѕινє. уυ ∂нσи ℓιк ιт; ѕυcк мє σff ѕℓσ. fcυк нαтα'ѕz; נσcкα'ѕz &и∂ fαкє'ѕz. иσ ριc = иσ α∂∂! ι ∂нσи α∂∂ єνєяуσиє.ѕσ тяу уα ℓυcк; уαн ∂ιgg?! O Yea I Forgot To Ask, Wat Yhu Doiing?.Yo Son If Yu A Hater get Off My Page Rite Now Son Like deadass. or If Yu Tryna Copp My Style den Dip Set n Get Off my Page.Oh yea. I Jus Be Chilling On diis Website Cuz I be Bored N I got Madd Cool Friends On Here. N I like Too brag Bout My Seexi a** Jordans.Umm I Dnt Know What else To Say.:

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