Let's see, not very interesting since I left high school. While there, I played Basketball from grades 8-12 and Football from ages 7-12. Ran track my senior year, as well as joined the speech team. Was in two musicals, one play also in my high school career. Got around, huh...

I like listening to music, lately it's been a mix of Indie/punk and jazz, with bands like The Dead 60's, The OneUps, and Muse... Also enjoy a good Metallica jam though.

Otherwise I enjoy singing, tend to do that when people aren't around though. I also enjoy role playing games of both the video game, and tabletop variaties.


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Journal #1: Hobbys and Activities.

A journal where I will end up talking about things in which I am opinionated on. Topics covered might cover things such as professional sports, video games or games in general, books, movies, and other forms of general pastimes.


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Just Ur Average Joe

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Just Ur Average Joe

u reported II_WWE-FR3AKID-may_II's post didnt u?
Safety in Solitude

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Safety in Solitude

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