So after being on here since 04, I come to realize I only ever bothered with my profile once. So for now, I'll keep this top part about me, and the rest can be character related. Why? Cause STONE COLD SAID SO. Not really, but I remember the 90's. Nuff said.

Im David, 28, 5'8 and 170. Im big into retro gaming (nes / snes / any gameboy / n64 / ps 1 and 2, and of course PC ) with varied amounts of interest in Gaia. I like rping, but if it get stale I get blocked. Uuuum, anime fan, mostly into 90's rock though here recently I admit Ive been listening too (gasp) dubstep. Obviously Imto loads more and have other interests and sh*t, but Im lazy so... yeah.

Character crap -

Jalwin / Jiano (incomplete) =
Name - Jalwin Reilaad
Race - Sylphling
Age - 9
Height - Two foot three inches
Weight - Thirteen pounds
Element - Wind

Name - Jiano
Race - Stuffed Cat Plush
Age - Assumed 9
Height - One foot
Weight - One and a half pounds
Use - Small bag, childhood compainion


* = 'Gloves have come off mode' As a sylphling, Jalwin is able to naturally draw on the energy around him, filtering it through his body to increase his strengths, allowing him full access to his birthright.
** = 'True Sylph Mode' Only seen once during Shades Trial, Jalwin is pushed far beyond his limits, both mentally and physically. However, it takes massive amounts of mental strain while at 100% strength to attain this form (Basically think trying to go from zero to Super Sayjin every single time) Its not something he can go into at will, and even when in this state, he's in extreme danger of losing his sense of judgement, attacking friend or foe alike. A berzerker in the truest sense of a the word, all he remembers is a green haze overtaking his thoughts. In this state, his Wind Element type spells are the only ones usable, and change to a DEX based mod rather than INT or WIS, along with any saves based on INT, WIS, or CHA. His gear and appearance also change to that of Sylph, the Prime Elemental of Wind, barring the scar across his nose.

Strength - 3 / 5* / 16**
Dexterity - 9 / 18* / 30**
Constitution - 6 / 11* / 18**
Intellegence - 8 / 13* / 0**
Wisdom - 8 / 13* / 0**
Charisma - 10 / 14* / 0**

Racial Bonuses - Super small size - Due to his stature, most horizontal attacks are useless unless swung by another small sized creature. He is also much easier to be carried than most, even with gear, but this can also be used against him, making him more susceptable to throws.
Sustainabilty - being without food or water for long peroids of time does not bother him the way it would for most, able to live off the energy around him.
Animal Bond - While not able to communicate 100% with words, an empathetic bond can be made between the sylphling and an animal, aka speech without words.
Rejuvinate (*)(**)- When not in combat, Jalwin heals faster than most, even moreso if he remains the 'Gloves off' State. In true sylph form, small cuts can be healed while in combat, assuming he can stop attacking.
Nightvision (*)(**)- Jalwin can see well in the dark. At 'Gloves off', this becomes Elvensight (nightvision with living aura), and Ultravison (perfect sight in pitch black) at True State.
Prehistory (*) - As a elemental spirit, his soul is not new, but a whitewashed version of its previous self. However, bits and pieces remain, teaching the boy things he'd never being formally trained in IE how to play the flute. This becomes more apparent in the 'Gloves off' state, as he becomes more in tune with powers he also draws on past live experinces, both life and combat information.
Enhanced Senses (*)(**) - In normal form, hearing and eyesight are roughly doubled that of a normal person, both in range and reaction speed. This is again doubled in 'Gloves off' mode, and again TRIPLED in 'True Sylph' mode, reaching levels near to the point of seeing the future.

Racial Weaknesses - Super Small Size - because of his size, he has much lower Strength than most. This also limits how much he is able to carry, and how much melee attacks do. He is also easily grabed or overpowered.
Earth (ground) - As a wind type, he able to do little to no damage to ground types, as well as taking more himself.
No Armor - Jalwin doesnt wear any armor so to speak of.
Easily fooled - having little no magical senses, its easy to trap him in an illusion or to trick him with words. This lasts till something either bothers him about the orders, or the person giving them.
Loud Noises / Silence - Having enhanced hearing is a double edged sword, as loud noises can easily disrupt ones thoughts, quickly leading to pain. Silence, however, makes the boy very uneasy, and more prone to psychic attack.

Current gear - Iris's Cloak, Aged Mini-Bow, Small quiver holding 2 Darts (small arrows), Leg pouch holding 7 Elemental Gates in the form of marbles, Jiano.


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A warriors soul, bound by a lovers heart

Shrouded by scars, but nothing can kill me. Dicarded my skin, so you can see me, as I am From the sky we've, fallen like angels Scream as we burn this Burn this night



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Caracal Fae

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Caracal Fae

I had a dream about Jalwin. He looked to be around the ages 5-7, had a uniform of sorts, longer hair, and lots and lots of orbs of magic that he was learning how to use. He and Bambi were playing Hide and Seek with a litter of kittens, and she was having a rough time finding the last kitten.
Caracal Fae

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Caracal Fae

I think your skype account got hacked. sad

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-Snugglesnugglesnuggle- heart

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Thanks for buying my outfit, Sun Elf! Also, I want to point out that we have the same colour eyes. :3
Vey Maxon

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Vey Maxon

Hehehe... *sneaks in and paints rose vines crawling up the wall*

Now that is how graffeti is done...

*giggles and runs away*
Sir Zeta II

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Sir Zeta II

HAHA! Yes! Consequences! They are real!
Sir Zeta II

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Sir Zeta II

*runs in and cleans up your profile, sweeping up dust and taking out the trash*

Serves you right...

*runs out*

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Lol XD idk, don't ask me that! lol, and this conversation is getting too weird for my comment box. PM me instead XD plz

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XD I didn't meant to grow it, but to get a surgery. XD

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Do you mean by that the will to get a penis? XD nah, I enjoy my fem set. lol