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Name: Jakeem Johnny Williams

Alias: Johnny Thunderbolt

Identity: Secret

Affiliations: JSA, Young Justice, All-Star Squadran

Base of Operations: New York, New York

Jakeem Johnny Williams is a precocious teenager from Keystone City (home of the original and current versions of the Flash. Jakeem's mother left his father while she was still pregnant with the boy and he was orphaned when his mother died of cancer. His aunt Lashawn was then granted custody and his father, Phil, never knew (and still does not know) about his birth. Jakeem became a self-reliant latchkey kid who grew up on the streets and adopted a tough, foul-mouthed attitude in order to survive life on the street.

As DC began rebuilding the Justice Society in the mid-1990s, Jakeem comes into possession of Johnny Thunder's "genie" Thunderbolt. When Johnny Thunder begins to lose control over the Thunderbolt due to declining mental health, he puts the genie inside an ink pen, which is then given by Jay Garrick (the Flash) to Jakeem.

During a Justice League/Justice Society crossover, when the world was being threatened by an evil Thunderbolt, Jakeem soon discovers that the Thunderbolt actually came from the Fifth Dimension and was controlled by speaking it's name (Yz) backwards ("Say You" wink . With Captain Marvel's help, Jakeem was able to merge Yz with another blue genie named Lkz from the Fifth Dimension. Lkz is controlled by speaking the phrase So Cûl (pronounced "so cool" wink . Yz and Lkz form a new purple genie named Ylzkz and this new genie is also now controlled by the phrase "so cool."

Justice Society

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Jakeem soon, and somewhat reluctantly, joins the Justice Society as a part-time member. Jakeem is welcomed by the fellow young hero, Stargirl, who becomes a friend, and positive influence on him. He also benefits from the guidance of Johnny Thunder himself. He and Hourman (Rick Tyler) also build a brotherly friendship. Like Johnny before him, he often caused trouble by wishing for things without meaning to, due to poorly-worded commands.

During the "Last Laugh" story arc where certain villains in the DC universe had been affected by the Joker's laughing gas, a Jokerized Solomon Grundy attacked the JSA headquarters, knocking out the then-caretaker of the museum Alexander Montez. Jakeem and Stargirl were the only two at the headquarters at the time to fight against Grundy, who soon retreated after taking Jakeem's pen which contained the Thunderbolt. Jakeem told Stargirl he wanted to get the pen back not because he saw the Thunderbolt as his power, but because the Thunderbolt was his friend.

During the fight with Grundy, Jakeem is nearly knocked out by the behemoth. He realizes Stargirl is in grave peril and in desperation, stretches to reach his pen, just out of reach. A purplish-pink wave of energy appears in his eyes and around the pen, which levitates into his grasp. Jakeem briefly wonders how this has happened, but decides to figure it out later. The fight serves as a bonding experience between the two young heroes.

Johnny Thunderbolt

J.J. Thunder and ThunderboltAlso in the course of the battle with Grundy, Jakeem unwittingly cures his predecessor, Johnny Thunder of his Alzheimer's disease. Whether this is the case or not is unknown, as Johnny immediately fell prey to the Ultra-Humanite, who took over Johnny's body in order to command the Thunderbolt's powers. In the "Stealing Thunder" storyline, Jakeem is one of several heroes left free from Ultra's control. Eventually Jakeem wrests control of the Thunderbolt back from Ultra, but Johnny Thunder loses his life. Jakeem then wishes that the Thunderbolt could save Johnny somehow, so the genie chooses to merge with Johnny, creating a new being with the memories of both. He later assumes the name Johnny Thunderbolt. Johnny Thunderbolt bears Johnny's likeness, though it is not clear how the personalities of Johnny and the two genies interact, and whether any one personality is dominant. Johnny's family was informed of his death and a funeral was held at Valhalla. The family does not know that he lives on as the Thunderbolt.

With Johnny's help, Jakeem meets his biological father, Phil, who is now an engineering student. Jakeem does not reveal his true identity, but he also meets Phil's wife, Jennifer, and his younger half-brother. He is torn by his longing to reconnect with his biological father, but fears he will upset Phil's life. At the dawn of the Infinite Crisis, the Spectre shunts Jakeem into his pen — into the Fifth Dimension — where he succumbs to the machinations of Qwsp and becomes a mad tyrant. The Thunderbolt amasses an army to fight him, including his son, Shocko and his wife Peachy Pet. This "Thunderbolt family". With the help of the JSA, Jakeem was freed of Qwsp's evil influence. Upon the JSA's return from the Fifth Dimension, they find the evil Mordru battling with Nabu. Jakeem jumps the gun and takes action against the wizard (who had previously slit Jakeem's throat). Jakeem returns the favor by stabbing Mordru in the throat with his pen, then summons the Thunderbolt, electrocuting Mordru. Jakeem then asked the Thunderbolt to remove Mordru from their sight (followed for the first time by a "please" wink .

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After a period of self-seclusion, Jakeem has returned to the Justice Society where he has found he is once again only a minor member of the team. His present attitude has seemingly become even more angry and belligerent than before. It is unclear presently why he is so angry at the world and whether he will remain with the team as the current Justice Society has not fully accepted him back into the team as a full active member. When he arrives at JSA headquarters, he meets Lightning, daughter of Black Lightning, and is immediately smitten with the young woman.

Gaian History

Jakeem joined the Teen Titans Unlimited, helping out the best he could. But soon after his joining, he took a leave of absence. It is unsure why he did but nothing is sure in Jakeem's world. But he has recently returned and plans on staying.

Thunderbolt Control: J.J. is now in complete control of the powerful djinn named Yz, otherwise known as the Thunderbolt. The Thunderbolt is incredibly powerful, and performs J.J.'s every request. However, J.J. must phrase his requests carefully, as the Thunderbolt will often perform tasks as literally as they were said. Thunderbolt comes from the 5th dimension, the same place as Superman's nemesis, Mister Mxyzptlk and Aquaman's foe, Qwsp. These genies have near-limitless power, but are bound by the commands of their masters. They can project energy, teleport, create hard-light constructs and affect third dimensional matter in ways that appear "magical."

The genies appear to gladly serve their masters and have never expressed the desire to be "freed."

According to the legends, only the seventh son of a seventh son can wield a Thunderbolt. This appears indeed to be only a legend, as neither Kiku nor Jakeem meet this criterion.


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Asgardian Avenger Report | 10/15/2011 6:23 pm
Asgardian Avenger
(No problem, and looking forward to that)
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 2:34 pm
Archon Thorne
"Thats Right"He said before Jakeem left,and whistled once more amazed.He looked towards the sky and began to float above the ground before flying off back to Metropolis
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 2:30 pm
Archon Thorne

(yes..sorry about that! sweatdrop )
Chris let out a low whistle seeing the entity form around Jakeem"Nice...."He whispered so low that Jakeem wouldn't hear
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 2:22 pm
Archon Thorne
DAMMIT!IGNORE THAT LAST COMMENT!DX!!!!sent that to the wrong person ! sweatdrop
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 2:22 pm
Archon Thorne
* Flight – Superman still retains his power to fly, though it is increased to a much higher extent.
* Super Hearing – This allows Superman to hear anything, anywhere.
* Healing – Whenever injured, Superman will heal at an accelerated speed.
* Heat Vision – Superman is able to fire a melting hot beam, presumably infra–red radiation, from his eyes.
* Invulnerability – Superman’s invulnerability becomes so great that he can fly into the core of a sun without being injured.
* Mental Powers–Superman gains the ability to learn foreign languages in mere seconds after a conversation. He learns all known Earth languages and gains the knowledge of 28 known galaxies by this means.
* Super Breath – Superman is able to inhale enough air and exhale it with enough force that he can create hurricane like effects, and he can even create more fine–tuned effects as well. His Super Breath ability is so powerful that he can extinguish stars with it. He can also produce freezing air so cold as to encase an opponent entirely in ice.Once, Superman destroyed a solar system when he sneezed.
* Super Hypnotism –Superman will use this power often to remove his powers for sustained periods of time, usually no longer than 24 hours. Superman also used this ability to cover up his disguise and thereby preserve the secrecy of his dual identity.
* Super Strength – Superman’s strength level becomes so high that he is able to move planets.He was once able to move 11 planets under his own strength.
* Super Speed – Superman is now able to travel faster than the speed of light and even crosses the time barrier to travel back into the past.
* Super Ventriloquism–Superman will use this ability often to fool people into thinking he is in two places at once, again to preserve the secrecy of his dual identity. He will also use this ability to speak to people on the other side of the continent!
* Vision powers – Superman is able to see through solid objects and see things microscopically.
* Telescopic vision – Superman can see across the universe with his telescopic vision.Chris let out a low whistle seeing the entity form around Jakeem"Nice...."He whispered so low that Jakeem wouldn't hear
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 1:57 pm
Archon Thorne
"You have no idea"He said with a roll of his eyes.Strange was an understatement"They also believe I am an emboidement of the Kryptonian Demi-God Nightwing......no relation to Batman"
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 1:40 pm
Archon Thorne
Chri sheild up his hands in a defensive manner digging into his pockets he pulled out a Titans communicator to show he was a friend."Alright well Before Krypton was destroyed my parents General Zod and Ursa were sentenced to the Phantom Zone,and they had been there for many years.At one point I was concieved and raised till I was 12.Around my 12th birthday a Kryptonian named Thara Ak Var from the planet New Krypton which was home to over 100,000 Kryptonian survivors and being held control By Brainiac at the time was able to help me escape from the Phantom Zone only I was younger then I should have been when I came out.After a few more years I wasn't aging for some reason which they assume is due to the strange affects of the P.Zone after Superman was able to free New Krypton though he brought me back with him and Raised me as an Adopted son since then, and the rest of is the story is just a normal child hood life and then becoming a super hero"
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 1:30 pm
Archon Thorne
"well it's a long story to explain so if you have the time I'd be willing to answer and explain"
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 1:21 pm
Archon Thorne
He laughed a bit at that"I'm a kryptonian.So in other words I am basically like superman and im his adopted son"He revealed to him
Archon Thorne Report | 06/01/2010 11:19 am
Archon Thorne
"Oh!Im one of the newest members to the Titans.Call me Chris.Christopher Kent!"He introduced himself with a curt bow


"So Cool....."
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