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Isn't anyone trying to find me?
Won't somebody come take me home?
It's a damn cold night
Tryin' to figure out this life
Won't you take me by the hand, take me somewhere new
I don't know who you are
But I'm with you.
-Avril Lavigne; I'm With You

I'm startin' to trip
I'm losing my grip
And I'm in this thing alone
-Avril Lavigne; Losing Grip

I want to swim away but don't know how
Sometimes it feels just like I'm fallin' in the ocean
Let the waves up take me down
-Blue October; Into the Ocean

What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?
What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're okay?
I'm falling to pieces
-The Script; Falling to Pieces

I look down at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly
-Owl City; Vanilla Twilight

Here I stand
Empty hands
Wishing my wrists were bleeding
To stop the pain from the beatings
-Flyleaf; Red Sam

All heads are bowed in silence
To remember her last sentence
She answered him knowing what would happen
Her last words still hanging in the air
-Flyleaf; Cassie

If only sorrow could build a staircase, Or tears could show the way I would climb my way to heaven, And bring him back home again. I would do anything to bring him back to you. Because if you got him back, I would get back the friend that I once knew.
- Bring me the Horizon; Suicide Season

In the darkness I had to fall always find my place among the ashes
-Evanescence; Lithium

MY FAVORITE SONGS :3 I have to do an entire song to put my feelings out... So Black Dahlia by Hollywood Undead heart

I loved you, you made me hate me.
You gave me hate, see?
It saved me and these tears are deadly.
You feel that?
I rip back, every time you tried to seal that.
You feel bad?
You feel sad?
I'm sorry, hell, no, f*ck that!
It was my heart, it was my life, it was my start, it was your knife.
This strife – it dies. This life and these lies.
These lungs have sung this song for too long, and it's true I hurt too, remember I loved you.

I've lost it all fell today it's all the same
I'm sorry oh (I'm sorry)
I'm sorry no (no)
I've been abused, I feel so used because of you
I'm sorry oh (I'm sorry)
I'm sorry no (no)

I wish I could have quit you.
I wish I never missed you and told you that I loved you every time I f*cked you.
The future that we both drew and all the sh*t we've been through
Obsessed with the thought of you the pain just grew and grew!
How could you do this to me?
Look at what I made for you
It never was enough and the world is what I gave you
I used to be love struck, now I'm just f*cked up
Pull up my sleeves and see the pattern of my cuts!


Seems like all we had is over now, you left to rest.
And your tears are dried up now, you just lay without a sound.
Seems like all we had is over now, you left to rest.
And my fears are over now, I can leave with my head down.


sweatdrop Would put more but I'm afraid of room wasting heart

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stormingangel Report | 06/26/2013 11:47 am
hello emotion_kirakira
AnnaTheePanda Report | 06/15/2013 12:08 am
IMA BEAT YO ASS. burning_eyes evil
Kayytana Report | 06/11/2013 3:29 pm
Lol thank you Jade whee
Kiwi Octopus Report | 06/10/2013 12:28 pm
Kiwi Octopus
You're welcome.
Awwww, so cute. > u <
Well I shall leave you be, don't want to bother.
Take care hon. ^u^
Kiwi Octopus Report | 06/10/2013 12:07 pm
Kiwi Octopus
That's good. ^u^
I am okay I suppose.
Thank you for asking.
Adorable avatar. c:
What are you up to?
Kiwi Octopus Report | 06/10/2013 12:01 pm
Kiwi Octopus
Just thought I would drop by and say hello & hope you are well dear. c:
wendytavarez Report | 06/10/2013 11:22 am
razz oh for the love of trolling
wendytavarez Report | 06/10/2013 11:18 am
especially since they take things soo serious xD
wendytavarez Report | 06/10/2013 11:13 am
Lol even bettter 4laugh oh its soo much fun to troll people on gaia who are like that emotion_awesome emotion_dowant
wendytavarez Report | 06/10/2013 11:09 am
Too many stupid swag, yolo, gangsta, serious, desperate, constantly horny, annoying, stupid, and airheaded trolls.. emo makes gaia world less fun.. Especially rally! D:
No offense to you if you like any of that though.


Give me some heart yum_puddi cat_whee


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