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The talented buttdimples drew me as a kitty cat! cat_4laugh
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SparksCard drew this beautiful picture of Jade!! Thank you so much! 4laugh
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Picture Dump!

I love crochet! 4laugh
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I don't love headbands, except maybe on bad hair days whee
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Knit sweaters!! 4laugh
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Round glasses, freckles, and kitty ear filter!
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Nice People List!!

atrovs - Thank you for the 70 bil donation crying heart
Aurelia Longleap - Thank you for the adorable pink & white fox tail!!!! emotion_kirakira
Doctor Boobies - Thank you for the Light Dreaming Runaway!!! 4laugh heart
Anonymous gifter - Thank you for the Delightful Hanayome! It is perfect!!! n___n heart
D o p h ii e - Ahhh, thanks for the Cute Not So Bad Wolf!!! Especially LOVE the ears!! And for the Portrait of a Welsh Deer...and the Studious Writer's Block..!!!! crying heart Whatever did I do to deserve your kindness?!?!
Saffrons_Curse - Thank you so much for starting me off on the right foot in Lake Kindred!!! 4laugh Love my little kins!!
LetsmakeBuks - I can't believe you gifted me the Feeling Lucky cat ears/tail!!! You are much too kind crying heart
Gaihawk - Thank you for a fantabulous kin and Ally potions!! OwO heart
Anonymous - Ahhh, thanks for the sweet, unexpected gift: Fishing for Unconditional Love!! 4laugh heart I want to know who you are so I can properly thank you!!!
Moya Sun - Thank you for sending me lots of gold simply out of pure kindness!!!! crying heart
android52 - Aww, thank you for the surprise gift of billions of gold, followed by many of my wishlist items!! T____T heart You are too sweet!!
Omega Squad Teemo - Thank you for 2 bil gold!!!! 4laugh <3
TheGiftingBear - Thank you for the surprise!!! emotion_kirakira I love to open things!! <3
His little girI - Thank you so much for the Ravenwood Manor 2nd Gen!!! 4laugh
LovelyLunahime - Thank you for the Nocturnal Briar!! I looove it! You're so sweet 4laugh
Anonymous gifter - Aw, thanks for the very kind message and the Sweet Cream Vanilla Buns!!! So heartfelt emotion_kirakira
pitbully01 - Thank you so much for the Sakura Breeze!! You're the sweetest! heart
Tovva - Thank you for always being a sweetheart to me, and for gifting me so many wishlist goodies!! Thanks for the La Belle's Gentle Smile, Dreamy Idol, and Princess of Creamy Cakes!!! 4laugh emotion_hug
Anonymous benefactor - Your sweet message and gift really touched me!! Thank you so much! The Bubblegum Pandaista is such a cute item; I love it! 4laugh heart
drone witch - Thank you so much for the Definitive Daeva and Flight of the Highwire!!!! Ahh, you're too sweet!!! THANK YOU!! emotion_kirakira
valleydolls - Thank you for the Adorable Friendly Ghost!! It is perfect! 4laugh <33
Bumblebee2121 - You are so sweet and thoughtful! Thank you for the bundle of gifts heart I love them!!
rev your harley - Thank you so much for the bundle of gifts!! You are so kind! I appreciate it tremendously 4laugh heart
CooWings - You're a total sweetheart; thank you for the Pure Bunnilicious Bunster! I love it!! emotion_kirakira
Tovva - A *second* Christmas gift?? You are just the sweetest! Thank you for the Pawsitively Sweet item! 4laugh heart
Noire Du Fountaine - Thank you for the sweet Christmas gift!! You're a total darling, I absolutely love it! 4laugh heart
Dani Nasher - OMG AHHHH Thank you for the Christmas surprise (Darling Sweet Pea)!!!! OwO I'm floored by your kindness Dani!!!! heart heart heart
Saffrons_Curse - Wahh thanks for the "Murray Chrimus" gifties!!! I love the Light Madelyne Hair and Meadow Fawns!! 4laugh heart
Ancient Ookami - Thank you for the super thoughtful Christmas gifts!!! emotion_kirakira heart You're so sweet!! Love all the arm mods!! (Suggestion, shy, AND redemption!!) heart
pitbully01 - Thank you for the Woodlands Road!! What a dreamy background. I'll live vicariously through my avi!! 4laugh heart
CooWings - Thank you for the lovely surprise!! Ahh, love the Spring Court Coronation! You're so sweet! 4laugh
Majikina - Thank you so much sweetheart for the Sumi's Shadowy Outcast!!! You're so kind and really lift my spirits!!! heart
LovelyLunahime - You are such a sweetiepie; thank you for the gifts!! I love the Silent Nurse, Mademoiselle Marron, Gentle Spotted Fawn, and Perennial Songbird!! emotion_kirakira heart
pitbully01 - Oh my goodness, THANK YOU for the new and improved shrink ray (Starbound Wanderer)!! J is very well-equipped to handle any situation now 4laugh I love it!!
Tovva - GWAAAHHH thanks for the Lovely Polar Cola!!! It is so cute!! I love it! heart heart
Anonymous Benefactor - You are so sweet for sending me a message and giftie (Song of Amour)!!! You didn't have to thank me for joining in on the Christmas Carols, it was my pleasure to! So much fun with my WG family. 4laugh This is such a kind gesture though; thank you!!!!
Archiduquesa Akako - Aka sweetheart, thank you for the Sweet Pink Rose!!! emotion_kirakira You are the SWEETEST!! Love love love you! 4laugh heart
Okami Tenrou - Oh, you are so sweet!!! Thank you so much for gifting me the Sweet Strawberry Mousse! emotion_kirakira heart Sweetie!!
Pitbully01 - Thank you for the extremely thoughtful Grandiose Imports gift!! What a lovely tea set for Rin; she adores it!!! 4laugh
Anonymous Benefactor - Thanks for the funny Valentine's poem and the Conquering Rabbitan item!! whee You gave me quite the chuckle. I much appreciate the thoughtfulness!!
Tovva - Sweetheart!! Thank you for the Sweet Mistletoe Kiss! You are such a dear, I don't deserve you! emotion_hug heart
Ancient Ookami - Oh my goodness!!!! Thank you for sending SO many thoughtful Valentine gifts!! I love the Purrisienne, Firefly's Flame 2nd gen, Evertree Embrace, and Hide and Squeak!! You are much too kind crying heart
WG Gift Man - Thank you for the lovely surprise!!! I adore the cute poem and the Breezy Hearts item! You are so sweet 4laugh heart
Anonymous (2.18.2017) - Wow...your heartfelt message deeply touched me. I am so humbled...thank you! I hope you feel welcome here in this community, because there are so many other lovely folks here too! If anything, you'll always have a friend in me. ^_^ I treasure you, and I will stand up for you! Just please don't hesitate to reach out! (Thank you for the Eyes on You item as well!!! You really shouldn't have! crying heart )
Anonymous (2.19.2017) - Ohh...thank you so much dear for another gift. I don't deserve this crying heart Ah, thanks for the Mage Karasu item too!! You're too kind!
iEverNeon - Ahh, thank you for the Nano-C 12th Gen item!! You're so sweet!! J is going to have so much fun (probably more fun than she should) with this Soviet tech! whee heart
dinowanderer - Thanks for the Darling Nutcracker Prince!!! So nice of you to send a giftie; I love the prince option! 4laugh heart
CooWings - Ahhh, you spoil me too much!! You're such a dear! Thank you for the Adorable Feliday and Beloved Rosette! emotion_kirakira heart
Pitbully01 - Thank you Ivan, for the very thoughtful Silver Revolver gift!! Rin will be safe from ghouls now! She's likely daring enough to actually make use of it when the time comes! ^_^
Unno Rokuro - OMG, thank you so much for the Rogue Bravado T_____T heart !!! You are much too kind!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Okami Tenrou - You sweetheart!!! Thank you for the Stealthy Shooter item!! 4laugh heart Gahh you are the sweetest!!
acetrainer49 - You're so sweet, thank you for the feel-better gift of Scenic Quest! You really turned my rough day around! I appreciate it so much! emotion_hug heart
Pitbully01 - You're too kind!! Thank you for the Faded Racer and Cookie Boots! Now Atticus has a great ride to get to and from work, AND a cat companion! 4laugh
SparksCard - Thank you so much for the Woodland Prose gift!! So kind of you to buy it for me. I really, really appreciate it! emotion_hug heart
SparksCard - You are quite the little sweetheart! Thank you for Tunnu the Bear! He is ADORABLE!! emotion_kirakira heart
SparksCard - You spoil me too much!!! Thank you for the Starry Rain and the Sweet Cream Vanilla Buns!! heart You're too sweet!
SparksCard - Oh, you! Thank you for the Miss Invigorating Spring and Pink Security Blanket!!! What lovely gifts!! 4laugh heart
Anon - Thank you so much for the Water Nixie!! So sweet of you! Just what I wanted! 4laugh heart
SparksCard - Thank you for the Honey Vendor of Things!! It sure is fancy heart I love it!!!
Pitbully01 - Thank you so much for the Scenic Tea Party! It's such an incredibly sweet and beautiful gift. I absolutely adore it!!! heart
SparksCard - Thanks, little sweetie, for the Yggdrasil Fae!! 4laugh What a pretty, purple gift!!!
SparksCard - D'awww, what a PUNderful gift you sent me! I adore the Some Bunny to Love Greater item! emotion_kirakira You're a total sweetheart!
WG Gift Fairy - What a sweet message and gift you sent! Thank you so much for the Peach and Pink Floweret Branch! You absolutely brighten my day emotion_hug heart
SparksCard - Thank you for the Portrait of a Delicate Deer!! It's so pink and I adore it!! 4laugh
drone witch - Thank you so much for the Rusty Hide and Squeak and Cozy Mori!! emotion_hug So sweet of you. I appreciate it tremendously!
SparksCard - Thanks for the Polished Pageturner, Peppery Pupil Student L, Glorious Macaron, AND Beyond Blush !! These are such lovely, pink gifts, and I can't wait to pair them with some other items! 4laugh You're so thoughtful as always!! Thank you for the Protagonist's Premonition as well!!! Love it!
Pitbully01 - Hey...I really can't thank you enough for your friendship (and the Wandering Maestro too~). Your gifts are one thing, but your kindness and warm words just never fail to make feel so blessed. Thank you~ emotion_hug
SparksCard - Thank you dearie for the Super Guradoru Singer!! I love it! 4laugh heart You're so thoughtful!
pitbully01 - I so appreciate the Spring gift you gave me! The Glowing Sakura Breeze is so beautiful and perfect for the season! Thank you!
pitbully01 - Thank you for the beautiful, Red Rose Bouquet! Rin adores it!!! heart
pitbully01 - You're such a dear for gifting me My Charming Byul! Thank you, I'm afraid you spoil me too much!! heart
pitbully01 - Awww, thank you for the Analytical Mona! 4laugh heart So sweet and thoughtful of you!
Diavolica - My goodness! Thank you so much for the Pompous Prince's Dark Cropped Hair!! How did you ever find this item? Each time I check in the marketplace, it's completely out of stock! I am so grateful crying heart Thanks for being so giving and helping me achieve the look I wanted for my "dad character", Atticus!!!
pitbully01 - Thank you so much for the Maisy Lovely Light Locks! So sweet and thoughtful of you. I adore it!! ^___^
pitbully01 - Oh, you! You're so kind for gifting the Pastel Winter Wonderland (x2!!) & the Black Diamond Demon! I really appreciate it! J will be super cozy~ 4laugh heart
pitbully01 - Thank you for gifting A Delightful Journey! What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I appreciate it!! 4laugh
pitbully01 - You're just showering me with so many gifties!!! whee Thank you so much for Keiko's Cake!! emotion_kirakira
pitbully01 - Thank you a million for the thoughtful and heartfelt handwritten birthday letter! You are AMAZING!! Thank you for also drowning me in gifts (Scenic Tea Party, Pawsitively Bom Bom, Parable of Fennec, and Revasser Petite Lumiere). I am floored by your generosity! emotion_hug
drone witch - Ahhh you are so, so sweet!! Thank you for warm birthday wishes, as well as the Night Bug Wanderer and Lori The Classy Vamp! You are so kind! 4laugh heart
Tovva - Oh, you're too kind to me!! Thank you so much for the sweet message and the Stylish Pageturner! emotion_hug heart I'm so blessed to have a friend like you!
~Kiri~Kunoichi~ - You're an absolute sweetheart! Thanks for the birthday wish and for the Petite Lumiere! You're a total gem!! 4laugh
Jessah Williams / isseo - Thank you for the sweet birthday wish and Sleepy Time! I so appreciate it, little darling! heart
acetrainer49 - You're too kind!! Birthday wishes and TWO gifts?! I feel so undeserving! Thank you for the Princess Flirt and Cereus!! 4laugh
Okami Tenrou - Ahh, thank you for the birthday wish and Jane's Glossy Accessories! You are a total sweetheart! emotion_kirakira
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster - You're such a dear! Thank you so much for the birthday wish and Jane's Glossy Accessories! emotion_hug
Elliot_Rhymeless - Aww, thank you for the bday wish and the Petite Lumiere!! This is utterly kind and thoughtful of you!
pitbully01 - Thank you for Rosamund's Revenge! So thoughtful of you to send this to me! I love the backdrop; it has a lovely storybook/fairytale feel! 4laugh
iEverNeon - Thank you for the Warme Floral Chocolade!!! You're such a sweetheart for thinking of Jade. 4laugh heart
pitbully01 - Aww, thank you for Patches! What a cute, little cat! I appreciate it! ^_^
pitbully01 - Thanks for the Light Bloody Mary Hair! You gift me TOO much!!! whee heart
pitbully01 - Thank you for the Matatabi's Memento! 4laugh So sweet of you!! ...AND the Winter Retaliator and Trick Shot! o___o
drone witch - Awww...you are such a dear and a total sweetheart. Thank you for sending me such a warm message and reaching out when I was feeling down! I so appreciate your thoughtfulness. You put a whole lot of sunshine into my gloomy day! heart Thank you for sending so many gifts (Quite Contrary, Jasmine Enchantress, Delightful Little Chincha, and Starlit Eyes) as well! You're much too sweet!
Anon - I wish I knew who you were so I could properly thank you!! Your warm act of kindness is so heartwarming and I wish I could tell you how much I appreciate the sweet gesture of cheering me up with both words and a gift. Thank you for the Delightful Little Chincha! emotion_hug
Anon - Thank you for the Vermilion Muse! 4laugh
Anon - Thank you for the Forest Fawns! 4laugh
pitbully01 - Thanks for the Spirited Angelic Layla! Superly appreciate it! 4laugh
Anon - Thank you so much for the Thumbelina gift!!! I wish I knew who you were so I could properly thank you!! ^_^
pitbully01 - Thank you for the Pawsitively Smitten item! I so appreciate it!! 4laugh
Ancient Ookami - Thank you so much for the Pure Virgin Lace and Fausto's True Revival!! Ahhh, these items are so expensive....I can't believe you're spoiling me like this!!! crying heart
pitbully01 - Thank you for the Owl Do It!! 4laugh It's super cute, much appreciated!!! Thanks for the High Duchess of Heroes, Pure Angelic Bride, and Pandastronaut as well! You buy too much for me!!! crying


User Image
Jade is an 18-year-old fox-girl who is idealistic, overly-affectionate, and has a simple and uncluttered mind. She was spoiled and coddled from birth, but does not have much recollection of her childhood other than the warm feelings she gets from reminiscing. For the past two years, J has lived alone in a woodland cottage and works as a mail courier. She isn’t quite fit for independent survival as J is slow to recognize dangerous situations and pick up on social cues. She has in her possession a shrink ray gun (from Ivan the hunter) and some Soviet tech (from Angliya the merc). While well-equipped, J has poor gross motor skills and coordination. She has terrible aim and her go-to defense mechanism continues to be curling up into a hopeless, shivering ball. Lastly, J is very fearful of shadows and claims that her own shadow is alive and occasionally eats her up.

User Image Atticus Dawson King, a dearly beloved fox-man who no longer exists in the present day. He was vigorous, courageous, friendly with his familiars, and from a working-class community. Atticus had a strong sense of righteousness and faith, which he believed dictated his decisions and actions. As a young man, he was filled with adventure and the desire to explore. Since becoming a father, Atticus’ priorities shifted drastically and life thereafter centered around his family -- in particular, his one and only daughter. He was prepared to give his all for his little girl, and in the end, he made the biggest sacrifice any parent could.

User Image

Rin is a school teacher in a small, woodland village (the same one that Jade resides in!). Rin is emotionally mature, warm, and empathetic. She has a calm but cheerful demeanor, and adores her students. She teaches mostly preschool and early elementary students in the general education curriculum. However, Rin also has a tremendous soft spot for students with special needs, and makes adjustments in her classroom and teaching methods to foster an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for each of her unique learners.

User Image

And... just me! Having a good old time, knitting and crocheting. 4laugh
(Unfortunately, I don't have a Kiki in real life whee )

In Real Life...

***I AM SO SORRY IF I TAKE LONG TO REPLY!!!! Life sometimes gets super busy for me...Thanks in advance for being patient!!***

Hi friends! I'm a therapist (not the heart nor mind type) who works with children and adults! I have many hobbies and areas of interest... and can talk on and on about my real-life self, but would rather not bore anyone to death at this time! If you have questions though, you're welcome to ask~

I recently began recording books online for children around the world to have free and equal access to education and literature...Please share with a child who loves listening to stories!!
--> https://www.youtube.com/c/languageliftoff <--

Random, Quirky, TMI Facts

But first, Johari Window!!! (Thanks Visu for the idea!) 4laugh
And second, Nohari Window!!

Here is this hip and cool new CRUSH thing


*I'm starting a collection of cute icons!! Starting with this ghostie! User Image User Image

*Jade King is the literal English translation of my heritage name.

*I was raised as a media hermit and know very few celebrities, big names, movies, etc. Quite shameful for someone growing up in this generation, but I've been slowly improving as an adult! 4laugh

*I think this grumpy face is soooooo cute: emotion_donotwant

*Most reactions I get when I start talking: emotion_facepalm

*Sometimes, my conversation partners think I'm very corny, but I mean what I say!! I am an avid user of corny and sappy lines, but only because I think they express the meaning of my messages well!

*Part of my job involves teaching social skills and I just happen to be the most awkward person ever emotion_awesome

*I can produce fake lisps and bad r's on command, and pass for someone from Boston, MA (or shall I say, "BAHSTON")! You probably know which type of therapist I am now... ^_^;

*5' is not small for a full-grown human being, right? Of course not, I didn't think so either! 4laugh

*One of my pet peeves is intense or automatic cynicism, distrust, and skepticism. I've come across people who have really negative thoughts in response to good intentions...and it bothers me. sad I think part of my problem is that I've been told numerous times that I have an idealistic personality. As I'm getting older, I'm doing more self-reflection and I think that adjective does describe me well. In any case, I wish everyone could have more trust and warmth in their hearts, always.

My Crochet Links!

I LOVE to indulge in amigurumi and crochet during my free time. It's my therapy! cat_4laugh

Here are some of my original, handmade designs! If you'd like to keep up with my crafting ventures and projects, I'd love it if you could check out my links below!

heart Instagram! @SweetSofties
heart Facebook page!
heart Etsy shop!

My Favorite Quotes

"The world is filled with kind and wonderful people! If you can't find one, be one!"

“Giving is not the privilege of the rich, it is the privilege of the sincere.”
- Master Cheng Yeng

"When the world says, 'Give up,' Hope whispers, 'Try it one more time.'"
Never give up on children.

"Every child is different. They just unwrap their packages at different times."

"The English language is too restrictive for your expressions." - Takuya


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Saffrons_Curse Report | 04/02/2023 8:21 am
No worries! I've been good! Been busy myself. UuU! Making some monies and buying lots of spoopy books. < w>!!!
How've you been? C:
pitbully01 Report | 03/28/2023 5:32 pm
You're most welcome! ^__^
pitbully01 Report | 03/22/2023 3:30 pm
"It was built with you in mind," Ivan chuckled and smiled in response to his wife. He missed her truly and every day she was gone, he felt her absence keenly. "I missed you, too, Rin," he hugged her close, nuzzled her softly, and planted a warm kiss on her temple. "I kept everything here good, clean, and pristine the way you liked it, but it all felt empty while you were gone. It's sharing a place with you that really makes it feel like home." ^__^
Saffrons_Curse Report | 06/14/2022 11:46 pm
Happy Early Birthdaaay~ [assuming your gaia bdate is accurate. XD;;]
meow69weom Report | 02/08/2022 5:01 pm
Umpenscrump Report | 08/13/2021 4:13 am
B'aw, parenthood ain't graceful, babies are always gonna keep you busy. I've been doing alright. Haven't done a lot of crafts lately, just a couple drawings and a card. I've mostly been working on the yard and house.
Umpenscrump Report | 08/11/2021 7:58 am
Jade! Good to see ya! How've you been?
Llama_Tamer02 Report | 08/10/2021 8:27 pm
I'm doing great over here and I missed you, too! emotion_hug

That and I'm glad you liked the yarns I ordered for you! You're very much welcome and I hope you have fun working with them! ^__^
Llama_Tamer02 Report | 05/31/2021 10:03 pm
I'm doing pretty well over here and it's certainly good to see you again! How have you been? You doing alright? ^_^
pitbully01 Report | 02/05/2021 11:34 pm
You're most welcome! emotion_hug

And I'm doing okay over here! Thanks for asking! These days have definitely been as you described it: a blur. Haha. January zipped right by due to work among other things and February was on us before we knew it. Wow. However, I hope you and Lena remain safe and well at your end! That and you get enough rest (I imagine you have a lot on your plate with both work and an infant on your hands) to go with it! ^^

As for vaccines, there are multiple vaccines on the market as we speak and they're not all made by the same people, nor are they made the same way. Dangerous side-effects have been documented in a few too many cases (researchers might call these numbers "small," but they're still too many to ignore) with some reportedly being fatal, but they're still investigating these cases from what I gathered. I'm all for the use of safe and effective vaccines and those have saved countless people, but the ones we're seeing right now were all rushed through development and production, which to me, for now, makes them questionable. Like you said, so many unknowns at the moment, but those could fade and time will tell.

In any case, hang back, watch carefully, and wait as long as you can if they start giving out vaccines in your area. And if you're somehow required to get one straight away, I'll pray real hard that it works as intended and does you no harm. Prayer has worked incredibly well for me since the beginning of this pandemic (and even before) and not once have I gotten sick or hurt, despite being in the thick of things on the regular. I'll pray the Good Lord protects you and your family just as well if not better! User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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