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hehehhehehehe my name is jadae ehheheheeh I am soooo lik.....Me i am a girl who love to chill lol I have odee friend and i love them well thtenough for u to no i got myspace which is gettin gay aim and yahoo if anything get at me and we can tLK


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XTheDarkPhoenix Report | 07/14/2010 10:55 pm
lol, u sent the same comment twice Xp. anyways, i got a minor preview up for another project im working on. its using a program called Blender 2.49b and it seems really dull and simple, but whats in the video takes time to make.
XTheDarkPhoenix Report | 07/10/2010 1:19 am
alright i will then.letting u no, there not the type of videos u would expect
XTheDarkPhoenix Report | 07/06/2010 11:47 pm
lol, a bit late? oh im good, been busy with my new vids for youtube. my friend on Xfire ( a program for games) thought of an idea to make videos, and well, hes been tying to get all the members of the clan ( a group from Xfire, named ©³) to help in the videos. and i get to Film, act, and even edit the videos. XD. i'll try to get it done soon. were working on a trailer for it, so i hope u can get to watch it when its out. woah, sorry for the long text.
XTheDarkPhoenix Report | 07/04/2010 7:25 pm
nah, dont think so, cus i would have been baned then, but it says disabled. idk, im gonna have to make a new facebook, btw, happy 4th of July XD
XTheDarkPhoenix Report | 07/02/2010 9:03 pm
oh its been great, nm to do around here, so spend most of my time playing games online, but what can u expect from a gamer lol. only bad thing, i got "disabled" from my facebook, and i have no clue what i did.
XTheDarkPhoenix Report | 06/30/2010 8:53 am
hey jadae, havent heard from u in a long time, how u been? oh, for some strange reason, ur not on my friends list, so send me a friend request later, k?
Fly-Hyde Report | 01/29/2010 7:32 am
Lool User Image
Fly-Hyde Report | 01/23/2010 1:01 am
somewhere in the middle east ? but i live in europe(norway) LOL so ye thats what really should matter :]] considering your question XD omg i learned the skill to talk nerdy XD iiiii gooot the poowwwwaaah!!
Fly-Hyde Report | 01/20/2010 9:54 pm
Haha.. youre not the only one who also wants to
Fly-Hyde Report | 01/16/2010 11:13 am
Hey there, nuttin much just chillin and stuff like that ^^
wuttup ova there? :]


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