Hi hi! As you might have already guessed, my name is Jackie. I have been a member of gaia since...*looks at date written in member since box*...2004. I wasn't really all that active a member then, but I became a true gaian mid-2005. Wow, that's a long time...maybe its time I quit. J/K! wink But seriously, I'm contemplating that since gaia has become so money-grubbing. And no, I won't give you my stuff.

Anyways, I'm what you'd call an individual. I don't care what anyone thinks of me (sometimes I do, but its still a rarity) and I do whatever pleases me, not everyone around me. I am conscious of myself though. I always try to be the voice of reason around my friends, but they know that I can be just as silly as anyone else. I'm told I give great advice (which would explain the 4 AM phone calls I get).

One more side note: I'm evil. It's ironic cause I'm also an environmentalist and a humanitarian. But I really am evil. I almost always get away with it too. I once dumped a bucket of water on a teacher's head and she never found out it was me. There is no brand of evil eviler than mine! MUAHAHA! twisted And don't any of you forget that!

I'm currently a college student (go Gators!) and that means I'm super-busy. I don't have too much time on my hands, but I try to make time for everything. Plus I have a job, a spot on the fencing team, and a social life, so it gets pretty hectic. I'm busy most weekends (partying and whatnot).

Things I like smile :
My friends (Both real life and gaia. Don't diss them or you die.)
Chocolate (Food of the gods. see icon below)
Comedy (I love to laugh! My fav comedian is Mr. Bean, played by Rowan Atkinson.)
Some reality competition shows (Project Runway, Top Chef, Top Design, and Sheer Genius. Yes, I am a BravoTV nut.)
The Freedom of the College Lifestyle (No curfew, party when I want, come and go as I please...it's heaven! Just wish I had a set of wheels and then it'd be perfect.)
Being totally evil!

Things I dislike sad :
Beggars (real life and gaia)
People who don't use common sense. (Why is it called common sense if its so rare?)
Death, murder, etc. (Thats why you'll never catch me at a scary movie. I can handle it, but I prefer not to.)
My job (My boss likes to bring his issues to work and take it out on us.)
Overly dramatic people (They are so annoying! Dramatic is ok, but there is a limit to how far you should go.)
How late my B-Day really is (Aug. 1).
Being short. (5'4. I've been better about it though since I grew another inch in the last year.)

The pictures below show some of the stuff I like, some things that I'm into, and some things that I think are just plain cool.

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Donators are loved!!!
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And because I forgot to mention this earlier, I'll mention this now. I love to change my outfit on gaia a lot. You might think that I'm really rich, but I'm not. I'm just a packrat. I'll wear one outfit for a few days and then I'll change my avi to another. I also don't like being accused of copying someone else's style. If my avi kinda looks like yours, then please note that I did not in any way copy yours. I only follow my own fashion sense, not anyone else's.
For all you newbies, I was once like you. When I started on gaia, all I had was the peasant dress. The first thing I bought myself was the pink dress, which I wore for like 6 months. I couldn't afford anything then, but I earned the gold and now my avi can dress the way I want it to. You guys are lucky to get the starter sets.


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Oh goodness, Gaia doesn't let me know when people comment on my stuffs. Grrr...

Anyway I was really happy to help! <3
Florida Love

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Florida Love

Jackie, can you help me w/ something?
I'm doing a Modmas scavenger hunt and it says I need 5 friends to post "Florida Love needs my help in the hunt!" in the Modmas thread.
Could you please do that and tell me what page it's on so that I can screenshot it? Please and thank you? emotion_kirakira
Super Naranja

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Super Naranja

the icon in your sig kind of makes my heart break. O_o

Officer Hot-Pants

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Officer Hot-Pants

Then behold, but say not that I didn't warn you!
Officer Hot-Pants

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Officer Hot-Pants

Would you like to meet fluffy?
Officer Hot-Pants

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Officer Hot-Pants

It's all over the place. Particularly underground, though.
Officer Hot-Pants

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Officer Hot-Pants

He lives inside the great outdoors.
Officer Hot-Pants

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Officer Hot-Pants

Beware of Spot,
the man-eating

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Hey...this is NumaiOutcasts other account..my account got hacked and then it somehow got blocked...I've been trying to get it back but no luck so far.... TT-TT and i just wanted to find all the friends on my old account over to my new one so i can still talk to them...So sorry to bother u BTW... redface .....:3nods:

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Ditto. All of a sudde everything is starting to pick up pace again, and I sit here like: @w@ Fwaaaah.

I'm starting to get more prepared for school. Getting notebooks and supplies, checking my schedule, and I guess mental prepared-ness too. =/ I'm estatic for this semester b/c all of the classes I'm taking I actually want to take, plus a few of my friends are taking classes with me so I'm a serious happy camper. ^^

I'm just...going with the flow I guess. xD


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