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Birthday: 04/28



Name: Jabrid (Jay-br-i-d)
Nickname: Jabby, Jabbers, J
Age: 23
Birthdate: April 28, 1994
Birth sign: Taurus
Gender: TransMale
Sexuality: Asexual/Asensual/Aromantic
Personality Type: INTP
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Positive personality traits:
-Laid Back
Negative personality traits:
-Impulsively honest
-Drowning my readers in details
-Chugging half gallons of eggnog
-Trolling just about everyone
-GFX master with precise inconsistencies in style
-Creative thinking
-Making others laugh
Hobbies and interests:
-Video Games
-Dungeons and Dragons
-Character creation
Ocupation: Part time cashier/ Manager in training
Quote:"Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one and most of them stink." -Abberdoodle
10 Random facts about me:
#1: The first anime I ever finished was Mai Hime. The first manga series I've finished and now own is Tsubasa. My first cosplay was Death the Kid from Soul Eater.
#2: I own a total of three Canadian flags all of which I got from Canada.
#3: I have never broken a bone but I have had 27 staples and about 20 stitches in my lifetime.
#4: My first gaming system was an Atari remake that I got when I was in seventh grade. It didn't have original cartridges though.
#5: When I first learned to write, I could only write in cursive because my school didn't teach print.
#6: I have two tattoos. One of a coyote paw (the coyote is my spirit animal) and one of a demon dog that I designed myself.
#7: I've owned three cars in my lifetime, two of which I totaled.
#8: My favorite author is Kenneth Oppal and I love his Airborn series.
#9: I played a lot of hunting simulators as a kid on the PC.
#10: I have been writing since 6th grade. I have been roleplaying since 7th.


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Male || 23 || Roleplay-holic || INTP
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