It has come to my attention that my username is the subject of some debate pronunciation wise.

I shall attempt to correct that before introducing myself proper. 'Syric' is generally pronounced correctly ('Sear-ric'), 'Jaaten' is another beast entirely. 'Jaaten' is pronounced as follows; 'Yah'ten' with slightly more emphasis placed on the second syllable.

For future reference you may refer to me as Jaaten, Ja, Jaa, Syric, or any combination thereof. Now on to the introduction proper: 3nodding

Jaaten is an oddity, pure and simple. He manages to simultaneously embody many of the stereotypical "American" features (He is a large, blunt man who speaks with a slight though noticeable drawl) and its antithesis (he is well educated, well spoken and has a keen grasp of many subjects, particularly general science and history.)

He is well read with a soft spot for ancient mythologies, mainly of the Norse persuasion. A fervent 'evolutionist' he is currently working his way through various works of popular sciences, in between his scattered readings on the history of the English language.

He is an ED regular, and therefore an elitist p***k. He is sarcastic and arrogant, but is capable of great feats of compassion; once in a blue moon he is genuinely wise.

He was a practicing LaVeyan Satanist, though not a card-carrying member of the CoS for roughly five years. At present he simply considers himself a humble unaffiliated atheist.

On the political spectrum, Jaaten rates as... well depending on who you believe, either a democratic centrist or a far left progressive, depending on your standards, and considers his domestic political views to be more or less inline with those of Teddy Roosevelt.

At this time he is working towards his BA in History and Anthropology at the University of Louisville.

At the moment, Jaaten is owned by the lovely PirateEire

Apparently Jaaten's pocket is the nesting site of a certain well known pixie:

User Image

Notable Quotes:

Elf Lord Chiewn

So Saul of Tarsus was going around, persecuting the Christians, and then Yeshua was all "POW, b***h!" and Saul was all "AGHH ******** MY EYES" and Yeshua was all "YER WORKING FOR ME, MUAHAHAHAHAHA." Something like that.


My school had a guest speaker giving a lecture on evolution once. Someone in the audience asked a question, something about how flawed and disputed evolution was.

She threw a stuffed toy at him.

...you know, I think that's a good approach.

Jaaten Syric
Jaaten Syric


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... Have I mentioned that I love you recently?

Saltski Circe
Don't do Leviticus, kiddies.
Because we all know that if Leviticus ever got laid, he'd be screaming "OH THE IMPURITIES!" the whole time.

Jaaten Syric
Please stop pointing and laughing at me and try to address the problems with your own logic than some internet article.

Done. Please stop stealing your material from convicted felons.

Ka-ZING! xd


"Oh, you want to wear clothes to school? Well, bully for you, I'm going to come to school in my underwear."

A Soporific
Did the mouse accept Jesus Christ as its lord and savior?

If not then I'm afraid that it's a little late for anything I can do.

Are you kidding? I've never seen Bleach. Naruto, I hate. Period. The hype killed it, then I decided to see it for myself, subbed. Doing so un-killed it to b***h slap it across the face an disembowel it. Then I saw it dubbed, and that un-killed it again, to chop it into tiny bits, feed it to little puppies, drown them, collect their dead puppy bodies, and urinate on them.

It is a sucktacular anime. I hate it.

Jaaten Syric
Mr. Crippla
Evolution is, basically, the change in a population's traits from generation to generation.

How does this disprove God? I don't understand.

The bible says we all have eternal spirits, not eternal physical bodies.

How does "evolution" disprove God?

It doesn't, nor has it ever claimed to. Next topic?

Well, it does only in the flawed sense that the Scooby Gang rolls up in the Secular Humanitarian Machine and shows us that the guy changing fish into lizards wasn't God but Old Man Smithers wearing a mask and utilizing a clever system of ropes and pulleys, as well as a little natural selection.

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those pesky scientists and their pesky dog.

Celeblin Galadeneryn
Peaceful Revolution
Anarchist Miracle
I'm still looking for an emoticon to represent free will. Or, if that doesn't exist, the illusion.

I think I can represent the Garden of Eden in emoticons.

God: idea

Adam: emo

Eve: 4laugh

Adam: heart

Snake: wink

Eve: ninja

God: scream

Eve: sweatdrop

Adam: gonk

God: scream
666.5c! It is superior!

Vryko Lakas
"C'mon, Susie. It's your turn to hold the vipers."
"But I don't want to."
"Susie, you're a snake handler just like us. Handle the vipers!"
"No. In fact, I want to go home."
"I'm the Texas Supreme Court, and you can't sue your church for what they did to you against your will."


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I gotta say, I love reading your posts in the Extended Discussion. Everything you say is pure genius, and I'm sorry for sounding like a fangirl. sweatdrop
II Misery II

Report | 09/12/2012 9:12 pm

II Misery II

Thank you for buying 3nodding

Report | 05/30/2012 7:49 pm


Nice profile, Jaaten Syric. Just reading those comments from the M&R oldbies made me smile. ^_____^

Report | 01/02/2012 1:05 am


Random comment, but nice Pentagram in your signature. I know little to nothing about this stuff, so maybe you can help.
I have a positive pentagram and a cross around my neck, I'm thinking of getting a negative to balance it, also to have that symbol of spirituality, I'm just a bit superstitious.
With the bit info I given you about my dilemma, could you direct me to a site or good read in explaining that stuff and helping me get rid the guilt/superstitious vibes.
I also really just wanted to comment your signature. whee

Report | 04/19/2011 5:49 am


Yes, it's very unfortunate and I hate to seem like I'm demonizing the other side but much of the anti-abortion movement really relies on false information and just downright lies. I'm pretty active in the feminist movement, so it's not the activism that bothers me, but the spreading of false information and their coercive tactics that I refuse to tolerate. It's just unethical.

Well, now I have even more reason to loathe GoatShow. He referred to what I assume as pro-choice feminists as "you jackals". I had to read that a few times to really let it sink in. xd

Herald has already displayed his unsureness about his side's stance lately quite a bit actually. He has potential, unlike Goat. xd It's understandable how you feel about Noora. I've seen many of the things she's said, and I agree. She will not let go of her strong Catholic views and I think it is definitely a crutch for her. That's why when confronted on her hypocrisy she does that. Many very religious can come off as condescending I've found, especially Catholics. >_>

Oh wow, that's interesting. I'm glad that girl had the guts to challenge your pro-life beliefs and propaganda, no offense. It's scary doing that especially since many will become very aggressive when challenged like that.

Report | 04/18/2011 6:16 pm


Ooooh, I see... Oddly enough, my campus is very conservative and has an annual pro-life march, yet there is a strong feminist organization and the whole psych department is always setting up awareness day events on why abortion needs to stay legal, sexual abuse, and the like. It's quite surprising actually since it's a very private campus; Many of my friends are really intense pro-choice feminist activists and wear pins with the coat-hanger symbol on them. But wow... Your campus sounds pretty intense... WEEKLY? I wouldn't be able to handle it, I'd be desecrating those posters. Lol. And CPCs? Those are horribly unethical and will use coercion tactics and even outright LYING to women just to prevent them from getting an abortion.

I have and I have never seen you be abusive; harsh yes, but not downright abusive and nasty. There's a difference. biggrin
Hehe, Herald is a guy. He's actually a really cool person. We talk quite often and he knows that I will be doing my undergrad internship at Planned Parenthood participating in Options Counseling, and he doesn't think of me any differently at all. He's a very respectable pro-life person in that way, unlike others. Though for Noora, I understand her position because I too was raised strict Roman Catholic and pro-life, and I know that intense guilt and pressure felt, especially on Catholic women. It took me years to get to where I am now.

Well, I certainly understand what you mean and you are right of course. I honestly hope Goat is just like that on Gaia, I really, seriously do. neutral
But hold on, I'm not sure I remember what happened that turned you pro-choice... I too have my own pro-life turned pro-choice story. xd Lima is another that was a staunch pro-life activist in the ED for years and now he doesn't even give a s**t about abortion. xd

Report | 04/18/2011 5:25 pm


Oh, I see. Well, if you ever need an elective of some sort. biggrin
I usually never judge a person based on forum posts either, but for him, there are certain things that have really stuck out as borderline abusive. This is from the 3 years I've debated with him, but especially when he was frequently active. It's possible he could have changed, though I doubt it from his most recent posts... Honestly, maybe this dissapoints you and I'm sorry if it does, but I've never seen you as being that harsh. You've always been generally empathetic with people and pretty calm and collected, even when you are angry. You've never aggressively attacked someone with no provocation, like Goat has done on too many times to count. You've never been openly sexist and hateful towards many women expressing their experiences with abortion like Goat has been. I know I cannot make any conclusion, but I have evidence! xd
I don't think you can even remotely compare the two of you... In fact, I say it's a logical fallacy. biggrin

Report | 04/18/2011 4:52 pm


Oh, I see then. Are you in college? If you are, have you ever thought about taking any Women's Studies courses? I've studied the s**t outta feminism and Women's Studies xd and it might be something you find really interesting and enjoyable.
I actually wanted to ask you about GoatShow, whom I absolutely loathe as well. I'll never forget the time like 3 years ago a few girls came into the one abortion debate and gave their own personal experiences with rape and abortion, and Goat just completely ridiculed them and flipped out at them for apparently "bragging about being raped". I think I may be the only one that thinks this, but I get the feeling that he would be a pretty abusive boyfriend. I seriously think that from everything he's said, and especially his contempt for feminism and feminists on gaia. What do you think?

Report | 04/18/2011 4:17 pm


I've never seen you in any of my feminist threads on the ED at all, but I've always admired how amazingly you put that ******** GoatShow in his place for a number of years now. biggrin I guess I'd like to say that I appreciate the fact that you're male and support feminism; it's really great. And I love pretty much everything you have to say in the abortion debates. 3nodding

Report | 04/18/2011 3:55 pm


Are you a feminist? biggrin


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