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If you don't like the way I look get over it.

Well the name is Ajia smile I have been on this earth for 15 years ever since August 18th I am a BIG Animal lover ♥ I cry if I see a little animal dead on the side of the road. Haha ;D Call me a softy ;P Idc ♥ I'm a semi-shy person if you meet me at first. Don't be scared to add me and talk...I don't bite....Hard ;D I believe in recycling to save our earth! We will be the ones to take over so why should we let our world be killed? (: When I get passionate about things you'll know smile I put all my love into something if I am passionate about it. I LOVE Music♥ It IS my life ^^ Lately I've been obessed with Hoodie Allen♥ (Your not a robot) I am sadly NOT taken sad I'm more a LOVER not a FIGHTER....But I WILL fight for what I love smile ♥I love to help people. I love to help people with their problems. I can be the MOST caring person you could EVER meet....but the thing is....not many people witness this side of me ONLY because you have to GAIN my trust first. I might be consider rude, because I speak my mind and I tell the truth. I'm not lair, and I don't spare peoples feelings unless I have to. I'm complicated smile I love reading, singing, drawing, writing, dancing, hanging with friends....if you wanna know more add me smile Btw.....I ♥ L.♥ O.♥ V.♥ E. ♥ Wolves♥ ^^ ♥Good-bye, Au Revoir, Bless, Deuces My Lovers(: ♥ ~♥Ajia♥Wolfie♥~

I want you back.
So I don't feel alone in the world,
And baby yeah you're hard to get over,
Things that we need to say
Fall through the cracks
Like I love you, I miss you
I hate life with out you
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