User Image~A lil bit of info about me,myself and I~

Well now, Having been inspired by my bucktooth pal to do this,I thought I'd go ahead and make my profile more interesting too you all

Gaia name: [ j e s s] Jessi,Jessamine O__o or just plain Jess
first day on gaia: Was september 2004 (though took a few long breaks, and Mis judged some people which resulted In this new account.
Gaia location: Exchange 99% of the time 1% Gd or Ed
Questing: Well Currently Questing the beautiful Panda hat <3 Why? I LOVE PANDA'S!! hehe and it was the first pixel that caught my eye n___n pixels pixels pixels.... funny things pixels.Gaia Status:FAV gaia friends/people I adore/admire/worship!:Ddrpad-My sweet bucktooth pa- You disappeared more than a year ago... I live in hope that you return crying
l!Innocent black shadow- Gem I really miss you I hope we can rekindle the friendship I miss,
Chris- You are fabulous man, I wish you lived nearer!!
Trock--You leave me speechless.. in a good way

I miss everyone I was close to in 04/05 who have spread their wings, its always awesome bumping into people on here <3

~Some real life Info for you~

Real name: Jess!(jessica) Oh my, bet that was hard to guess!
Age:24 next week -EWWW-
Likes:WELL where to start!
I work as a Nurse, currently doing critical care, though don't like it much >__<
trying to find a new direction for life!
Just moved into my own lil girly pad smile loving it <3
Rekindling friendships I lost when in relationship// making new ones at work and stuff <3
<33 Friends- on and off gaia <3, the TOS,salad,pizza,food! psychology, muse, RHCP's, coldplay, Lana, REM, MUSE, the list is endless, I like almost all music, dj'ing,dancing like nobodys watching! films,my Bucktoothpal,good quotes on things, entertaining friends,being a shoulder too cry on, clubbing! Holidays, snow,sun,rain,Pandas,dogs, My beautiful cat Zoubah <3
Broad minded people, Gigs<<seeing bands. festivals, camping, road trips!
Dislikes:Racists >.<, people who judge others on their sexuality, stereotyping, people who swan around thinking they are gods gift, exchange drama starters, greed, starvation in third world countries, Bush, beings skint,bullies, two faced people, finding a job >*_*, people who judge you on others oppinions on you, and don't wait too pass judgment before meeting you, People who really hassle mods--they have a heck of a job on their hands! Drunks who hassle you when you are walking along the street at night, the guys/girls who go round gaia hassling others to be their gaia girlfriend/boyfriend, Hackers/scammers/trolls/flammers etc! Will stop their!
Hobbies:Keeping fit; Gym, skipping, Taekwondo, want to do capoera, and many other martial arts, lots of time with friends, art, same as likes I guess!


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My Journal, For lifes Journeys

My First Date =o

I never thought I'd create a Journal, but I have been proven wrong, =3 Here You will be able to read about, memorable events in My life ~Enjoy as much as I enjoy you all <3


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ninja heart
l o g i c

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l o g i c

l o g i c

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l o g i c


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sad ....
Skillet v1

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Skillet v1

talk2hand Thats why I was prepared with a rain coat -busts out the super soaker-
Skillet v1

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Skillet v1

-sprays with water and poofs-
Ma Ajmala

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Ma Ajmala

I like your art in your sig heart 4laugh
De La Luna IV

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De La Luna IV

STAR TREK deep space nine, alone in space lurks Jess and her ninja skeels waiting for unsuspecting loafers...xD

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redface Someone looks hot.... heart heart

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Hey Jess blaugh I'm doing good. I just haven't come on in a long time. I only come on every now and then. I just finished schooling so I've been looking for a job. smile How are you doing. Cute avi by the way.


[b:43f7e886e0] <3
[img:43f7e886e0]http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a140/sillyjessi/Art Auction Addiction/f4cc5269-eb9c-4389-b302-4670d4168378.jpg[/img:43f7e886e0]