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Kaizoku Deej

Report | 11/16/2015 4:25 am

Kaizoku Deej

Hmm I'm now familiar with Korean very well, but with Japanese I am still starting.
I take back teaching. I can't really teach haha!!
I didn't take any art sessions or courses but I hope I would be able to
I still have a long way to go, I'm still a mediocre xp
Actually, I'm stuck in between. Now, I want to do business related to anime
Something like a manga cafe' which it still doesn't exist here
Wow, you're pretty good. You're working very hard
Oh, I would love to draw you. Just sent me the basis to draw you whee
Yes, I do love sports but I haven't tried tag-rugby.
I mostly play basketball. 3 pointer style xd

True, I miss the old Gaia. zOMG, where art thou? huuu~ crying

Report | 11/09/2015 12:15 am


glad you are alright, yeah i haven't been on much either heart

Report | 10/21/2015 7:13 am


* glomps back * i am doing a;right thanks

how have you been? heart
Kaizoku Deej

Report | 08/22/2015 7:49 am

Kaizoku Deej

Yeah, I browsed my inbox and we really talked a lot but my memories are a bit blurry
I am really a girl and my avatar is really a girl
It just looked like a guy because of the outfit
I'm a boyish type but I'm still a girl, haha!
I wanted to teach to Korean or Japanese students English
But I'm having thoughts of learning Digital Arts and Physical Therapy
I have a lot of goals in my mind but of course, I can't do it all
I have to choose one. I'm waaaay to ambitious
Don't give up and you really can do it
You won't succeed if you haven't worked hard enough for it
Or undergone the trial of life
Yes, art. I'm planning to go back here too if I wanted to enhance my skills on sketching or drawing
That maybe is a good idea, it's kind of a leisure for me
Writing stories is relaxing too. Same with singing and dancing
Oh and sports~ xd sorry, I ramble too much

Yeah, I think so??
That's sad, that's one of the reasons I came back here
Kaizoku Deej

Report | 08/20/2015 8:14 am

Kaizoku Deej

I somewhat laughed at a, 'year later response'
Yes, we do converse in multiple paragraphs
We had a lot to talk about those times but I kind of forgot
But I really do remember you
You remembered! I'm now currently working as a med lab scientist but I'm planning on changing my career path so I'm studying again
I'm fine! And it is not a lie. How about you? What are you doing nowadays?
Don't worry, I quit too but I'm keeping my precious items. I can't believe it's now super duper rare.
I was left all alone too but you commented, I'm kind of thrilled to know that someone is still alive here despite you're not that active in gaia.
I kind of miss zomg - random thought
Kaizoku Deej

Report | 03/09/2014 5:30 am

Kaizoku Deej

Hello there
Do you remember me?
It has been 3 years I think
Your username is very familiar
But I cannot remember you
I had a conversation with you from last 3 yrs.
Keke~ I actually quit Gaia
But I came back just visiting

Report | 05/08/2013 6:17 pm


I'm afraid I'll just be off and on every once in a while.

That's wonderful though! I think it's fun when twins study the same thing, haha I see you lucked out! Middle school (junior high) would be considered 7 & 8th grade (typically ages 13-14) then high school is 9-12 (15-1 cool . I've always thought our set up was really inefficient.

Thank you! I studied graphic design and biology. For grad school I'll be studying medicine =) it's my hope to get a strong foundation in both western and eastern medicine and medical practices. (I want to become a doctor I guess... however, sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing because I might enjoy doing something else more) I was a commuter, I would've preferred to stay in the dormitories, but I believed it was more practical to commute to save some money. Tuition these days just keep climbing, nowadays they hardy even buy books back after a semesters gone because the publishers have released new versions already.

Aww that sounds so exciting! I admire illustrators, they always create such fantastic art. =) I hope your teaching plans go marvelously!
A New God

Report | 05/06/2013 8:22 am

A New God

Just looking for people with similar games.
A New God

Report | 05/05/2013 4:40 pm

A New God

What's your steam o: ?

Report | 04/23/2013 9:05 am