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Stuff I Hate

I hate school. I hate homework. I hate pollution. I hate people who think they're better than everyone else. I hate people who expect me to do everything for them. I hate not being able to do what I want. I hate people who don't let you express yourself. I hate people who only hang out with certain types of people because of the way they dress. I hate racists. I hate it when people try to change my veiws on "god". I hate it when people try telling me vampires aren't real. I hate it when police interfere with little pranks. I hate adverts. I hate anything less than a 100% on a test or assignment. I hate annoying little kids, who use words way too far above they're age (curse words) and the fact I can't say anything back because their parents are standing right there. I hate people who always have to be right. I hate anything and everything wrong with the world.

You don't have the right to be emo if...

If you're "depressed" 'cos your dad left you. Millions of kids out there just like you! If you've a theory that everyone is out to get you. Evidence, dude! If you think emo means to cut yourself and be depressed all the time. If you want to be emo to be different and unusual. If you want to be emo to get some sort of social rank. If you think you're mum is out to get you because she tells you to clean your room, to wash the dishes, to stay of drugs, to not drink alcohol, to..oh, you'd better get the point. She's got your best interest at heart - trust me. If you think being emo is all about having problems. If you think you don't have any friends, and that the popular kids are out to get you. Get over yourself, we all go through it. You're not emo if you cut yourself!
Take note: Cutting yourself doesn't make you emo. It makes you kid with serious problems. I'm not saying cutting's bad, or anything, I'm just saying, you're not emo because of it.
Poser emos get out of my sight!

Getting to know Izzy!

I'm the kid that everyone knows. Not necessarily popular, but not unpopular either. Just social. I'm that kid that sits in the middle of the room, and never at the same lunch table twice. The kid that doesn't exactly fit into any stereotypes, and hates the idea of stereotypes to begin with. I'm that kid you always see in hallways, surrounded by friends and classmates. That one kid you say "'sup" to, only to be responded by a "hey". The kid that, no matter how much trouble she gets in, will always end the day with a smile, a nod, and a giggle. That kid that grins at the stupidest things, and tells jokes like 'if a quiz is quizical, what is a test?'. I'm that kid, the one, the only - I am Izzy. Check out my site sometime!


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Estherynn spirit Report | 07/23/2008 1:33 pm
dude, like, you still havent responded to my freind request. by the way, i miss u!!!
CobaltLemon Report | 02/13/2008 9:48 am
I decided to check out your pro cause your avi looked really cool. I like everything you said about the emo people and your about me talk.
La Spirale Report | 08/03/2007 12:01 pm
Yeah, I've been to Matazone.

(Sorry for the REALLY late reply.)
AiNinaMa Report | 07/16/2007 3:34 pm
YAYZ! You've been goin' on... kinda! o.o I saw ur clothes changed.
guardian_angel 19 Report | 07/14/2007 6:00 pm
whats up?? User Image
Austierra Report | 06/01/2007 4:21 pm
Oh, really? Then you're an anorexic emo.
Deep fried emo Report | 06/01/2007 3:15 am
im a goth hear me moo? i weigh twice as less then you... and i look good with black...
Enzu Report | 05/16/2007 3:29 pm
I know you dont Rp, or go on gaia alot but still, check out my Rp (psst..other people check it out too)
The Adopted Melonade Report | 04/21/2007 1:01 pm
IzzytheIdioticVampire Report | 04/14/2007 7:50 am

Well, maybe I'm the faggot, America!