i'm izzy.
i'm 24.
I don't really have friends on here anymore, sadly. ^^"
But I'm a friendly person, so don't be afraid to talk to me.

Send me a private message here!

Leave me a comment, here!

My store.

Location: Oregon

To message me outside of Gaia, my kik is izzyjayygraham, my Line ID is alskling and my discord is izzy#1234

I also play Line Play a lot. dumb s**t.

Don't be afraid to add me. ^^

Seriously, I love new friends.

-bye ily

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Enjoy my bad music tastes.


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this one was made by marshmallowboy4 and it is the cutest thing ever. ;-;
you can find their FREEBIE shop here!

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Made by my friend Demcn! You can find her temp art shop Here!

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Made by someone who I believe no longer uses Gaia, sadly.

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These three were made by my dear friend MASH HACKELVOSH.

Q-T 3.14