Name: Izztiecole... idk what that means.... (made up honestly)
AKA: Colby, Yo-mo-cheese-mo, Izzy, Izztie, whatever i suppose...
Age and B-day: 20-25 and April 1 (you laugh but I'm serrious)
Pets: An Appaloosa Mare (spotted girl horse)
And 2 cats: A black male and tourtis shell calico female
Job: Ouran Host xp
School???: Currently gathering money for and attending school for an Art Education Major... that is when i have money for it

All of my pics well now be posted in my journal, with the exception of a few new ones every now and then. If you have any request or sajustions just let me know. Thank you for your time.

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Izztiecoles's Safe Assylum

I'm not really to much of a person for writting down information about myself. Inso I'm going to fill this journal mostly with poems and short fiction (in most casses) stories. I'll use it to vent and mention significant daily events, once in a while



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The Real Slim Hammeh

Report | 04/22/2011 10:23 am

The Real Slim Hammeh

Oh thank ya!! xD lol heart
Breeze Gandelion

Report | 04/06/2011 8:51 pm

Breeze Gandelion

yeah it made mine look really creepy.
Breeze Gandelion

Report | 04/05/2011 2:20 pm

Breeze Gandelion

That's true. I don't much care for the vampire one though.
The Real Slim Hammeh

Report | 04/03/2011 7:47 am

The Real Slim Hammeh

lol xD Uh....how'd you know?! >w<

Omg! You're jobless?? What happened? O: And I'm okay, I'm still working at Mcdonalds and finally, after months of working there, I learned how to take orders in back booth >w<
The Real Slim Hammeh

Report | 04/01/2011 9:02 pm

The Real Slim Hammeh

O: That was so.....colorful.....OwO Pretty colors.......=w=

xD lol Yeah, I was being really random and I had to go to work >.< Dude, we should get so high that we don't even know how to walk!!!! xD Just kidding. I never even did drugs in my life, yo. I'm awesome like that >w>

So, what's up? ;D
The Real Slim Hammeh

Report | 04/01/2011 1:25 pm

The Real Slim Hammeh

Yo, yo, yo~! ;D

Happy birthday!!!!



:dancing potato:

Damn....That one didn't work.......>.<

I like potatoes.....They're nice.....-w-




HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!!! *dances* Your birthday is 21 days before mine O: I wish my birthday was on April 1st. That would be cool.....xD

I hate you....

Never talk to me again

Whore....>: O

April Fools!!!! xD lol I'm having too much fun with this....Maybe I should stop....But I don't wanna...Okay, fine. I will. Whatever. I see how it is. You hate me, don't 'cha? I can see it in your eyes. b***h......xD I love you <3 And I haven't talked to you, in like, forever!! You gots to message me or something, yo. We need to hang out. Maybe do drugs, drink alcohal...I don't even think I spelt that right xD Oh well >w< I'm just kidding though. I don't do that stuff. I'm a good girl.....Kinda.....O_o Yeah....I'm done now....For realz.....Kinda......I think.....I'm just gonna......post this.....yeah......uh.....Happy birthday!! *rapes* >w>
Breeze Gandelion

Report | 03/31/2011 7:44 pm

Breeze Gandelion

It'd be kinda weird if it buffed out the girls ones that much......
Breeze Gandelion

Report | 03/30/2011 7:39 pm

Breeze Gandelion

Thanks that was what I was going for. I think I like the dark elf potion.
Breeze Gandelion

Report | 03/26/2011 2:45 pm

Breeze Gandelion

OMG! Your avi is sooo cutesie that I didn't think it was you at first. Thought my comp was glitchin' or somethin'

Report | 02/17/2011 11:06 pm


Yeah, both the booths come from the Tree House shop. The one with the little girl scouts, that only take wing stickers for payment. Dude, I got scammed on one of them and I stopped in my tracks because I was so pissed off about it. I sent in a scam report, hopefully it won't take to long and I get something back.


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