My name is Patricia, but you can call me Izza, Im also 17 years of age. I'm usually on this sight to role play, and get work on my guild (posted on the side of my profile page). If you are interested in RPing with me please send me a message, and also I will post on my threads of the role plays I have tried to start (but no one seems interested). I am mainly into fantasy type in school settings; family settings can be enjoyable as well. I also am very big into art, I love drawing anime, and if you would like to purchase an avi-art let me know, I would love to make money because Im starting to get kind of poor ;c.

Please message me, send a friends request, or comment (I like PMs better) on my profile if you are interested in role playing, finding out more on my guild, avi-art, or just to get to know me. c: Hope to talk to you soon.