IXI---About Teh Jakie---IXI

So My name is Jake. or Jakie so Moni and dardar like to call me. I be 17. Moni is beautiful, and she's my bestest friend, I know, you're Jealous. I do not take s**t from anyone. I will latch out at you. I can guarantee you, if you say a single thing to make Moni or dardars upset, you will not be walking for some time. I plan on going to Yale or Harvard when I graduate. My birthday is September 13th. I love to skate, and hang out with Moni, or go tagging with friends. I play the Electric Guitar, as well as the Drums. I prefer to be literate, but I will sometimes chat speak or leet speak when I am messing around. I might have a pic up later.
&& if you wanna know more, send me a message or comment. I always write back.