My name is Teru, I'm a high school junior... I hate learning. >.>
I don't sleep. My favorite colors are red and purple. I am a lesbian. I have a cat. She is stupid. I like to eat meat. I love musical theatre! I'm very large. I want to cut off all of my hair and dye it purple, but cannot due to frequently being in shows which I need normal looking hair for. I love sweets. I love spicy things. I love tangy things. I love food in general... unless it's bitter... then it equals icky! I am dirt poor and frequently get my internet shut off by bill collectors. My current favorite word is haiaku, which is my way of spelling the Japanese word for hurry, be it the correct spelling or not! I think that frees me up to say that I HATE spelling and am very bad at it! That's why I use firefox instead of Internet Explorer... automatic spell check! I play the flute, piano (which I enjoy pronouncing pin-an-oh to confuse people) and the guitar... but I do that last thing poorly. I also like to sing... hence my enjoyment of musical theatre. I love video games. I am also fond of anime. YES I AM A YAOI FAN GIRL! DON'T LIKE IT, KISS MY LEFT TESTICLE! I'm sick of typing...


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Teru's Stories


This is where I write things down when I'm bored or have something to say! Most of it is bound to be nonsenical... or an inside joke kind of thing... but hell... don't like it, don't read it


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Catfolk Rogue

Report | 12/30/2009 9:06 am

Catfolk Rogue

Is my avatar cheerful enough?
Neku That One Dead Kid

Report | 12/30/2009 8:42 am

Neku That One Dead Kid

'ssall I have to say.
Neku That One Dead Kid

Report | 12/29/2009 4:07 pm

Neku That One Dead Kid

you're avvie is way to darn happy...

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Well I was going to add you as a friend an I failed to friend the add thing O-o soo addd moi ? smile WOOP