Daily Quote that Expresses Me

"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most
beautiful words in the English language."
-Henry James


My Diary~

Monday; August 17th, 2009- I had to say my goodbyes to my friend Fayth who came from Japan for a visit. We had a pool party in the afternoon till 9 at night. Superfuntastifc i should say. Haha. I was commented i was beautiful by a group of people. Ain't that nice. Well I got my shots too. It got sore when i went swimming but whatever.
P.S. - Going to fishhyyy camp tomarrow. im excited/ nevous.

Tuesday; August 18th, 2009- Woke up earllyyy todayy. blehhh. well anyways today i went to fishhh camppp/ orientation/ whatever its called. Stressed Out. Cried. Embbarrassed. Laughed. Smiled. Yep. Stressed Out; Mom yelling. Cried; 3 times actually. Mom just giving me bullcrap. Embarrassed; Couldn't pop the balloon and legs were flying everywhere and the constant hugging. Laughed; Dymiand cheered me up. Smiled; Went on shopping spree. Getting more shoes todayy??? maybeee tomarrow.


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about this girly&&

♥ name: valinda...

♥ age: ha... it's just a different number every year! what's the dayum difference?

♥ birffday: july 14

♥ religion: buddhist

♥ ethincity: blackanese or blasian (japanese/black)

♥ what am i: a female ninja! o.o

what is this girly like;

♥ happy;;jollyful girly <3

♥ random

♥ loud as hella!

♥ ninja powerful :3

♥ innocent butt not...

♥ partay gurl

♥ krazy

♥ cheeses hard

♥ is made to laugh easily&&easily amused/entertained <3

what does this girly like;

♥ lots of things...

♥ frienns <3

♥ boysssssss... they are delicious

♥ chocolate

♥ karate with my ninja skills

♥ dinosaurs

♥ asians cause im asian

♥ gaia of course

♥ tracy you dummy

♥ totoro

♥ movies

♥ photography/ photos

♥ cute animals

♥ surgery... so i can poke people when ima surgeon!

♥ stuffss in your hair

♥ music~♪

♥ rad stuff!

♥ rainbows!

♥ hmmm... i like myself for who i am! xD

♥ did i mention i like... well...i like...

♥ohhhhhhhhh i forgot the rest damn it...

♥i actually like my life! <333

what this girly don't like;

♥ ummm... lots of thingss yet again...

♥ [c**k]roaches

♥ scary movies

♥ stupid a** retards

stalkers i love stalkers <3

♥ when i get the munchies... like 24/7

♥ when i can't sleep... cause i worry

♥ being depressed...

♥ being sore... well i like being sore so scratch that

♥ being tickled cause it hurts me at the same time! idk why?

♥ shaving

♥ mosquitoes;; they eat me like hell!

♥ bras... ughhh...

♥ without wearing a bra... it feels weird when i walk!

♥ when people say "your chinese";; it's japanese damn it!

♥ when i like someone... never off my mind

♥ wannabeess... like someone i know... it's ok i like "the it";;not telling male or female

♥ i dont like tony! jking jking

♥ being paranoid...

♥ when mr. carrasco punches me hard when he sees a stupid slugbug! ughhh

♥ my hair!
♥ what i look like in a bikini! i look like a "model" apparently... ughhhh

♥ i dislike being sick it drives me nuts!

♥ i HATE squirrels;; they chase me... O.o

♥ && lots more

random facts about this girly;;

if you ask me what im doing im mostly eating basically... i eat alot...

owl city has like awesome songs that like are awsome...

i can barely spell a-w-e-s-o-m-e right now...

i am totally conceited...

if i like someone i can't stop talking about him!

i think deodarant is sooooooooooo smelly good...

i can't spell deodarant... my mac told me sooo!

i have a mac and i love macs!

sooo... ima MAC!

i like to impersonate CHEESE
mannnn... i can't stop thinking about... yeah and it's not "him" its a rainbow!

soooo... i know i have high metabolism...

ima secret ninja;; i just told you im a ninja so no more secret

im bored... heehee :3


i have a MSN::

i also have a yahoo messenger::

my myspace if you wanna::

oh yeah follow me on twitter:
username: missymissyval

well... that's me!
-comment me i dare ya!


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