Yes this still one kill but i changed my name to iWanabe smile

its all about me.

-people who treat women wrong
-men who stare at goats.....

I have super powers but i just dont want to show you.
if i fall its because im testing gravity.
if i look at you then suddenly squint my eys behind you, im looking at a bilboard.
Dont hate me.

a cool original avi smile
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Total Value: 17,966,809 Gold
After Exclusions: 16,664,999 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Egyptian Gold Anklet (left)
Egyptian Gold Bracelet
Egyptian Gold Armlet
Prince of Thieves
Nartian Star
Winter Rose
Ancient Katana
Prince of Thieves
The Lusty Scoundrel
Ballad Punk