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the preditors of the U.S.


history of the shadow

hey, my name is noah and i have been playing gaia for about a year now. i would give you my whole life story right on this page but there has been a high increase in the preditor rate in the U.S. so i will make a list of the things i will tell you and then things i wont tell you.

Things i will tell you:
first name: noah
favorite color: black and purple
-snowmobling (i know it is spelt wrong)
-most sports i guess
-video games
-and much more
siblings on gaia:
-iVery Forsaken (brother)
-Enigmatic Purple Waffles (sister)

Things i wont tell you:
-last name
-location i live
-relationship status (but i will tell you if you ask)
-any personal information

Person who helped me make my profile like this:
iVery Forsaken

the truth about me.

I'm awesome! and bored at the same time! biggrin