My Muziik ;p

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shyone1415 Report | 09/09/2010 7:08 pm
yo.. o3o.
ookiku Report | 07/25/2010 4:33 pm
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¤ ••⁰°˚º˚°⁰••.••⁰°˚º˚°⁰•• ¤
You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed
Sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh you make me smile!


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chocolate_panda843 Report | 07/24/2010 1:55 pm
ummmm hello rofl
-iUrEmoTeddy- Report | 07/23/2010 9:08 pm
uhhhhh.....well, i'ma go on facebook so if u wanna talk to me just go on facebook too xP
-iUrEmoTeddy- Report | 07/23/2010 9:00 pm
lol ummmmm ok.....?
so yeah..............................
any other questions? xD
-iUrEmoTeddy- Report | 07/23/2010 8:58 pm
haha, that's Margarita :]
-iUrEmoTeddy- Report | 07/23/2010 8:54 pm
what's up? ;P
-iUrEmoTeddy- Report | 07/23/2010 8:50 pm
Hey Person ;D
Puh Tay Toe Report | 04/02/2010 1:32 pm
Puh Tay Toe
ur online!!!
Puh Tay Toe Report | 04/01/2010 10:29 pm
Puh Tay Toe
omg you put me on your profile tanks soooo much luvs

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This is Diana a.k.a DJ ;D
i've been leaving hacks on Kiana's account for a very long time :] i enjoy it very much lol ^^ But anyways this account belongs to Kiana <3 my bestie of course or i wouldn't be on here ._. She's a major book worm (like me) she ABSOLUTELY LOVES: Music and Dancing, she denies the fact she is gorgeous; if u think otherwise then keep that shizz to yourself i don't like assholes messing with my person ;O haha, she got a booty and no u can't touch...only i can xD lmao! she's dangerous at some points so keep it safe and stay on her good side :3 she's a goth NOT EMO, that's what i am... GET IT RIGHT! idiots. -.- i can say a lot about her since we are like sisters but this is pretty much all i am gonna write.

Love Yah,
~~~Diana <3

This is Kiana ;D it's a real pic. and if u say it's fake believe me i took it so i will surely put u to shame >:/ lol
The handcuffs, iTouch, & the hat are mine :3
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Mom on gaia <3
bestie in rl <3