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About Me ~!!

● Ask for my name if you want to know. ツ
● You can call me Ciel, Chopper, Choppah, Choppy. Iunno you choose that.
● June 4th 1996.
● I live in Sweden
● I speak Swedish, English, Syrian, Spanish. Want to Learn Japanese & Korean.
● I'm not the kind of girl who uses makeup every day, I only use if it's an important day.
● I love music. ღ
● I love my haters but don't go overboard, it's not fun seeing me pissed. . ^^,
✘ I dont like saying Hello first. . Allthough i almost always do that. .
✘ I dislike crowded places.
✘ I dislike bugsinsects so much, I hate them!! >8C

'Kayy. So if you want to know more ask, message, contact?
That doesn't mean I'll tell you. . . maybe.
Oh and don't send random friend requests if you're not gonna talk to me.

About Ciel Phantomhive ~!!

Birthday: December 14, 1875
Age: 12-13
Gender: Male
Occupation: Earl of Phantomhive & Watchdog of the Queen.
~ Earl Ciel Phantomhive is the head of the Phantomhive noble family and the son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive.
He runs the Funtom Company and is also briefly part of the Noah's Ark Circus ~!!