Homie don't live here no more.

Nabysco on that College grad tip

sh*t son! Almost 9 years on Gaia, I grew up with you cats!


I'm 21 years of age, I live in a small desert town in Arizona. I'm a medical marijuana activist and smoke legally under Prop 213.

I'm a session musician, nothing permanent. I have been featured in a music video, 3 full lengths, and have extensive touring experience.

I'm a narcissist, and very social. I love receiving art, I used to frequent the art freebies page before my hiatus.

I've been a grombie for 8 years. I had 2 stage 3 and 1 stage 4. My stage 4 and one of my stage 3 accounts were banned. You may remember my L Lawliet cosplay a few years back, not many people even knew what a grombie was at that point, and it was a big success in the arena. I think I even placed when that was still cool.

I learned a lot about myself here, and made many friends, gaia was a very important part of my life while I was in high school, as I was bullied a lot. You guys will always be my family, I love you all.

Love and Light.