Heey this is ur gyrl jade aka ginger ive been on this earth for 12 years now in the usa and im pretty proud of where im from i have a lot of talents but theres to much um i have 5 sisters and 2 brothers o and one dog :> myy favorite color is dark shiny puple and black, and i think its gana stay that way 4 a while!! umm myy favorite tv shows r the hard times of rj burger,nitro circus, americas next top model, americas got talent, big time rush and suite life on deck lol, um mtv cribs, the bad girls club, and JERSY SHORE, well i guess thats it biii

25 things i want to do b4 i die

1.Take a mud bath
2.win americas got talent
3.win americas next top model
4.meet beyonce
5.jump off a roof and land on a trampoline
6.climb mount everest
7.live in california
8.have the wildest party
9.break the record 4 eating the most watermelon
10.shuvv tampons up some1s nose
11.win the lottery 5 times
12.go to u.c.l.a
13.become a lawyor and sing,dance,act,or model
14.stand on the top of the statue of libertiy
15.climb to the top of the ifel tower
16.learn how to be a profecional drummer
16.play hide and go seek in a machion
17.find mr. right
18.have myy own fashion line
19.win the beaty patient 4 ms.colorado
20.make a movie
21.succsede in life
22.invent the coolest phone ever
23.play basketball with the presedent and carmelo
24.go in outerspace and b able to c the experience
25.travel to 5 countrys!! (italy,france,turkey,japan,and canada)

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Get krazy get loud lets party get loud if you wana have FUN then be a RAIDER!!!


Hi! My name is Glitter, and i just wont 2 let u people no if u wont 2 be my friend add me i might not except u but dont take it the wrong way i just did not like ur pro hit me up and always remember **Glitter Rox and im da Bomb~~

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