So, so much you could learn about and from me~.

Skills: Being extremely awkward at life.

Likes: A lot of things, and I mean a lot.

Dislikes: Bipolar ******** -.-

Favorite Color: Silver, or grey (they're not the same).

Favorite Place: Dim lit rooms, perfect for... for you know, murders.

Favorite Band: Varies.

Favorite Thing To Do: Stalk people.

Favorite Person To Do: Oh ho, see what I did there? He has the prettiest pink lips and the creamiest skin.

Weakness: Glitter, yaoi, pretty people.

Favoriet Food: I dunno, don't ask me.

Is Currently With: The stereotypical goody two shoes.

Is Going To: Take Over The WORLD!!!! With a spork~

Enjoy me!!