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Kanaxai Report | 06/12/2021 5:08 pm
XiaDoh CaL-EeMa-Ahzei Report | 06/06/2021 6:26 pm
Thank you for the Freebie ! 3nodding emotion_awesome 3nodding
Cosmic Glitter Report | 05/10/2021 9:30 am
when i post a comment i get the plats

I GET THE PLATS User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Kanaxai Report | 04/12/2021 9:35 pm
Kanaxai Report | 04/06/2021 6:35 pm
I sincerely appreciate everything you and the art team do, I can't stress it enough. Know this, while I may work in another industry - I still can relate with the volume of work and the stress and expectations that come with it. Hope you didn't take my post directed. It was meant as a generalization to all Staff. sweatdrop

My time here will be dedicated to making every action count, for the betterment of improving things here - no matter how small or insignificant. I'm good at turning negative situations into positive ones. Thanks again! 🍻🍀
iCo-kie Report | 04/06/2021 11:42 am
ahhh redface thank you so much amy!
crying heart I've been mega inspired by the new items
the artists have been putting out lately
so pleased with the quality and versatility!

its my go-to to defeat art block, play around with making an avi!
Kanaxai Report | 03/31/2021 9:57 pm
hiimbeary Report | 02/27/2021 3:33 pm
ahaha thank you ♥ (this is a lazy one but giirl your current is amazing User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show. )
Exhululath Report | 02/27/2021 9:18 am
Thank you for the achievement heart
I feel proud to now be a member of the I-can't-talk-about-it-but-you-know-what!
(BTW, why there's not a Knife emoticon yet? xD )
Kanaxai Report | 02/16/2021 10:23 am
Amy your Avi is amazing! Terrifying waifu!😱💜


I finally have a Toyhouse account!
Meet most of my characters here!

I like drawing and I like collecting art! Here's some art I've gotten (sorta) recently smile

User Image by CHRlSTY

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both by diet pepis

User ImageUser Image
both by hemogobIin

User Image
User Image
both by I2ainy Days

User ImageUser Image
both by blushingmoon

User Image by pandapastels (on DA)

User Image
by Yuroppa

User Image
by I2ainy Days and MintyMiDraws

User Image
bt tessart

User Image
User Image
both by SkullMaryBooty

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Hi I'm Amy and I used to work here !
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✶✶✶ write on this thing ✏️✏️✏️

😘 thank u gojika

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I take photos of stuff and I make Instagram filters! Check them out!

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I tweet and retweet A LOT. Keep updated with my life or things I've been working on!

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welcome 2 knife club

do not dab / only stab
u mess with the avi / you get the stabby

ty Blubber Tubber ilu

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lost cat 420

by hadesfare