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Flipn' GOOD?

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Ohhh, So silly little robot boy. -_-! User Image
"Lol, what the f'^ck is Bree talkin about?"
Silly robot boys?
Oh god, Don't tell me. ._.

Her name is: Bree

What is her age: Thats none of your beezness [:
Since: Time
Where is she: Under your bed being the boogie monster.
What happened lately: I tripped down stairs
Last on: Uhhh?

YOU will be the asnwer when someone asks me what im thinking about.

Do me a favor, Don't steal my sh1t. [:

Hey Baby,
Will you come over to myspace
so I can twitter
your yahoo till I
google all over
your facebook?

User ImageAbout this silly girl (: User Image

My names Bree, The future hasn't happened yet and the past is gone. So I think the only moment we have is right here and now, and I try to make the best of those moments, the moments that I'm in

I do randomly dance in any grocery store,
so if you know me in real life,
be ready to be embarrassed lmao [:,
Unless you want me to get low. LOL
*I luv making my friends look stupid*

I laugh a lot and im always smiling
I wear my heart on my sleeve
Idk if my eyes are blue or green..
I make one too many mistakes
i always drink too much (soda, water. etc) Lol
im old enough to know better..but too young to care
i can never find my mailbox key
im always changing my mind
I'm confusing and i over exaggerate
i like to sing and dance in my underwear
I have the best friends i could ever ask for
i live for the unexpected
i bite my lip when im happy
i dont like planning, i take life as it comes
I live hard, i love hard, and i cry hard
the drama never stops
i see two sides to every story
I think too much!
i care too much

I think a lot of asians out there,
I think street dancing is hawt,
and the shizz ^^
Any guy who can dance is hawt lol [;

Everything i say comes out sounding "sexual" at least i think so.

Im constantly falling so i need someone to catch me when i do
remember, pain is just but weakness leaving the body
i tend to push guys away in order to protect my heart
ive been hurt one too many times..
i love taking a million pointless pictures
life is too short so make it worth while
Music is my adrenaline
I love live band shows and parties
i love making new friends
i love intelligence, energy, and positivity
im always singing the most random gayest songs ever..idk why
i love cold hands
I do somewhat sometimes have a taste for sushi
I like different types of people
cuddling is my favorite

you'll never meet ANYONE else like me and
that's a pinky swear
the walls in my room are sadly white right now

loud music is the SEX

I don't think it's right to date online, but my brother did and
met up with his gf from florida,
and they've been dating for 6 yrs about,
So i'm accepting it. (:

i tend to bite when im drunk (Off of sharpy)
if i stare at you meanly im probably
thinking about something else,
so chill the hell outt
i love swimming at night >
skinny-dipping icon_biggrin.gif ( Just kidding)
im down to go to the beach ANY day
i loveee thunder storms
and boys
Dont try too hard to impress me, i dont judge.
I'm a bizatch sometimes,
I am who i am because thats what i choose to be.
The most independent person you'll meet....

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My personality brings out the best in me..
I am the girl who will (in dead silence)
laugh at something that happened the day before.
I always have a smile on my face.
& when you piss me off i flip the F*** out!
(Just sayin). But its simple,
make me laugh and we will get along. I make mistakes,
but thats life. & at times im hard to handle,
but thats me.
Im a wild fire out of control headed for ya!

I like rainbowssss biggrin ; and rainbows like me >w<
User Image

I can't seem to make up my mind about anything,
I'm stubborn,
I use to have too many animals when I was very little,
they all died.
My daddy thinks I act too childish,
People think I'm distance a lot, Idk why?
. I'm American, and im proud.
I am frightened about bugs, Don't laugh.
I constantly talk about boys
Sometimes guys can be as$hol3s.

I still have emotions for a guy.
I heard that I changed someones life in a blink of an eye,
it's something i can't deny
I treasure plenty of moments.
WOopdy Doo xD!
I Stick my back to my friends through thick and thin
and through fights, So if you go through them,
try going through me first
and I pretty much doubt you'll win
Mwahah biggrin
I push myself too hard,
I love attention.
I'm very dramatic.
I joke a lot
I say fu(k way too much. (Rl)
I wish I could talk 'til the end of day,
But I run out of things to say.
I make up things when I talk because
I have nothing else worth sharing.
I'm an anime lover <3

My favorite line is "I'm the bomb like "TICK TICK", Hehe, I got it off of something, so it just stuck to me. O.o

I wish i could just say 'Fu(k my life," with no problem, but I'd be lying.</br>
I do fall easy,
and i do fall in love easily.
I can take care of myself, But i like it when someone helps.
I randomly scream out of no where.
I scared my Mom, and she thought i died or collapsed because
i played a joke on them.

I'm a hazard

have a dirty mind half of the day, I kind of spill out things.
I think drag queens are adorable.

My doggy got so pi$$ed at me one day cus
i didn't throw her the stick, she bit me,
It hurt,
I literally chased my dog
and scared the hell outa her because she thought
i was ganna kill her smile

Don't mess with me >:] Or you'll get hell from me bizatch smile
Umm What else..I am Constantly out and about,
So i'm not on as much as i use too.

I talk 24/7 on the phone, usually as for texting as well.

My life is like a fairytale smile ; Like a kitty in a cup :3

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<3..I embarrassed my self at a friends one night,
I was kinda weird? LOL,
( I tripped down 4 steps in front of everyone).

D: And yes i do act really weird, But only on weekends. Haha
Thank you for those who appreciate me btw. ^^

Do the Ricky Bobby, -stop- Pose for a friend,
then we all do the same thing.

I do care deeply for every one of my friends,
they mean the world to me

Umm, I do call girls hot,
most of the time,
instead of calling them pretty,
or beautiful- Lol.
( That doesn't mean im lesbian).

;] I do think transformers is kick a$$
Even for the second movie, I'd ride in that car.
Fo show. [:!






And excuse me if i accidently repeated some stuff that sounded the same,
I got to lazy to erase some things.
(: ?~ Ai shiteru, arigatou gozai mashi ta. modotte ki te kudasai.


Oh dear, I left out something very important..I also have a very special friend named Analiesa <-- Spelled her name wrong I think.
I'm sure she's mad at me for that since im her best friend; and im suppose to know how spell it lol
^_^ and I luv her vereh much. She can sometimes be very mean but i don't care, cus I do the same thing, Hell yeah! lol..^_^ Anyways..She's been there for me, for quite a long time and I luffers that O_o but yeah.. smile Luvs you you like a sister Ana! and boys shes taken by her best friend; ( not that way) so back the flip off. If you wanna go through her; best go through me first to get to her. So if you think you think you can just take her away, think again buba, cus you'll go downnnn; like charlie brown <3 so just try me..Just try me [:

Hope you enjoy the page ^^
I love it [: <3

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Mew >w<
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I'm not a perfect girl.

I'm not a perfect girl. My hair doesn't always stay in one place & I spill things a lot.I'm pretty clumsy & sometimes I have broken heart. My friends and I sometimes fight & maybe some days nothing goes right. but when I think about it, and take



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