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I'm the guy called Nyloth Riddle (a fantasy name I made up). You can call me Jason. I like hanging out with friends (and some girls). Occasionally, I play video games. I'm pretty popular at my school and I like to play football (I play quarterback) and some other sports like soccer and basketball. I also like roleplaying, but each time I only play one character, Nyloth Riddle.
Nyloth is a mysterious teen who falls victim to the fatal bite of a vampire, who changed him forever. He comes into many stories with many different versions of him.
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Name: Riddle
Race: Vampire
Age: 17 (I got turned into a vampire at 15)
Gender: Male
Weapons: A sword forged in the underworld, a pair of long hunting knives, many throwing knives.
Powers: When he was blooded, Riddle found himself much stronger and faster than before. When Riddle jumps from one building from another, he can glide for a few seconds.
Personality: Black hair, Piercing black eyes (red on a full moon), appears as 15, sly smile, cannot stay in the sun for more an hour, pale skin, athletic.
Story: I was a servant to the vampire who blooded me. Every night he'd disappear to find food. One day, he never returned. Eventually I escaped from the room he held me in and went out to seek my destiny.

The stench of blood in the air sickened me. I was breathing hard in the corner of the room. I was trapped. I was listening to the inhuman monster finish off the last few survivors in the room that led to mine. Only I was left. Alone. The last survivor. My shaking hands raised my sword. The vampire's faint footsteps became louder. I shuddered, not of the cold, but of fear. Part of me wanted to give up, and accept defeat. The apocalypse was complete--except for one more person--me. I glanced at the only thing I had left, clutched tightly in my left hand, a picture of my smiling father. The picture gave me hope and awakened another part of me, the determined part. I reminded myself I had to do this to avenge for my father and the whole world and stop this creature responsible for the massacre. All humanity was gone but me. I had to do this, alone. The vampire walked into the dim light. He flashed a cold smile at me. "Riddle," he mused. "James Riddle". Fear possessed me like demons. "Stay back," I tried to say, but I can hardly hear myself. He stepped forward. In desperation, I threw my sword at him. He easily stepped aside and his lips twisted into a snarl-and pounced.

I am now forced to wander this world as a creature of the night for eternity.



It's been a few years but I'm back on Gaia.


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