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Hai! I'm Taya, known affectionately as Soltie, Celi, Cel, and Kessie

Name: Isolt
Full name Isolt Alodia Rose Thorn
Breed: Kitten
Race: Half vampire cat-- (vampire like Mommy)
Age: Newborn
Eyes: Gold
Fur: silver
Nicknames: Soltie, Issy, Izzy
Parents the silent rawr (Surrogate Daddy) , oOVampireKissOo (Mommy aka Kisses) Niwa Awin (Daddy), Plump Plum (Ebly-- Surrogate Daddy)
Grandma: Windigo Shanta Feronia/Tunyan Blackrose
Grandpa: Matt Blue/Ninja Fawcks
Uncle: The_Kyuubi_Kid, Shouri, Nanokami, Inari
Aunts: ChibiNightmare,Lyra, Jetta, Artemis
Brothers: Chiwoo97,(Chi), Kenji Inu (Kenji),Theo, Kiwa and Sage
Sister: Mikuru-rin (Kuru), Serenity (Ren or Renity)
Friends of the family:Gunnar120theAssassin
Godfathers: the silent rawr, Plump Plum (Ebly)

My Main Fursona Celine the Winged Kitten
Full name Celine Yoruyonaka (dunno the last name)
User Image
(Domino made it)
Age: Kitten
Mommy: WalkAwayChild (Wac)
Daddy: Dashboard_Furry/ Faded_Elegance (Seth)

'Brother': Matt_Blue
Mistress: Megumi Amatsuka
Guardian: Shanta Feronia
Owners: Delphi-Raven, Pokadot Panzer (Fotus)
Female mate: Pig girl Kagura
Male mate: none....

User Image

User Image Panda Made me this sign! biggrin

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
My Gaian Fursona:
Full name: Kessari Isolt Carolus
Nicknames: Kess or Kessie

Breed: Fox

Age: Fox Kit

Power: Telepathy, Levitation, Healing and a few others yet to be revealed.

Mother: Phantom_Muz/Mrs N Lovett(Mommy Muz)

Father: Fox_Vidar (Daddy Vidar)

Brother: Behemotho (Renard Behemotho-- called Behe... or Renard when he's bad xd )
Todd (Fox_Vidar rps)

Sister: Fox_Affinity (Jeza)
Kiah (Mrs N Lovett rps)

Cousin: Chain_Soul

bofriend/future mate:Kitsune(xXKyubi_KunXx rps)

Aunts: Misfit Wolf (Miss Mallow--surrogate Auntie)

Uncles: Torn-- Acid_Asylum
Uncle Wolfie: Whitewolf Shaman
Uncle Dante-- Project_Sword
Uncle Adam--Alucinante
Uncle Katt--lil bear katt
Uncle Nikolai --(Uzumaki-Rakai rps)(RP only)
Uncle Wes --(surrogate Uncle) Vermillion Wes
Uncle Sean-- Faggotory Fun
Uncle Teddy-- Necrophilius

Godmother: VampireKiss (Kisses)
Godsister: Mikuru-rin
Godbrother: Chiwoo
Grandma: Uzumaki-Rakai
Grandpa: CoonSkin Byrin

Orbit Kit
Yiffing Furry
Megumi Amatsuka
WalkAwayChild (Wac)

User Image
My family heart (Mommy Muz made it)

(Thank you Uncle Dante for my Radiant Prism! 4laugh and Megumi Amatsuka for my Coco Kitty )


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kyubbi the dragon master Report | 03/07/2012 7:14 am
kyubbi the dragon master
still cute 3nodding
XxKyubi_KunxX Report | 01/02/2012 9:21 am
Kit: ;w; <3 -hugs tightly- I love you kess.
XxKyubi_KunxX Report | 01/01/2012 8:31 pm
Kit: I don't want to leave you either. <3 I'm sorry I was gone for so long....
XxKyubi_KunxX Report | 01/01/2012 12:06 pm
Kit: I missed you too, kess. ^-^ <3
XxKyubi_KunxX Report | 01/01/2012 11:12 am
Kit: How h-have you been, kess? <:3c
XxKyubi_KunxX Report | 01/01/2012 9:29 am
Kit: -snuggles back, tail waving about happily- ^/w/^ <3
XxKyubi_KunxX Report | 12/31/2011 10:10 pm
Kit: I missed you to, Kess! ^w^ <3
XxKyubi_KunxX Report | 12/31/2011 6:36 am
Kitsune: -glomp- >w< <3
NEMESIS Dragon Report | 12/20/2011 4:09 pm
Nice Avi
Dear Ashton Report | 04/30/2011 10:15 pm
Dear Ashton
*rolls around on your profile*




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