Hiya! Im Isin though you may call me Issy if you like, sin or sinny also works too.

I've been addicted to Gaia for ages, I mean like way before it was cool and all. I even remember back in the day when hitting 100k was HUGE! but alas enough reminiscing.

Primarily I'm here to RP and chat with some good friends anything else like games or towns just is no. Does not function. I am a literate roleplayer and perfectionist. I typically have to at least have too beefy paragraphs for me to be mildly happy with my efforts. As such I'm not the fastest at responding, but you know there's this thing called a life which unfortunately gets in the way from time to time.

What kind of RP am I into?
Well I'm pretty much game for anything so long as it's mildly literate
I don't do one liners or any chat speak

I am particularly fond of Romance, Sci Fi, Drama.
Subjects or settings such as Schools, Arranged marriages, Experiments, Asylums, Slaves/Master, and Yaoi

Hobbies of mine include...
Listening to music, drawing, playing video games (mostly 3DS at the moment), sleeping, listening to other people and help them with their problems (apparently I'm good at it...)

I like reading Anne Bishop books are my fav. (I am in desperate need of a bookshelf as I have several large piles of books blocking my closet)

What am I like you say...?
Well I am rather silly person with people close to me. I usually am a calm and quiet person. I have also been told I'm rather sweet and am a very good friend and always put them before myself.


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...I have a journal?...

my senseless rants bout random things going on...oh and stupid moments of the month compliments of my bro who is the stunt man...wow i cant wait to see where this goes....



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heheh. Thanks bro. emotion_dealwithit

Report | 01/24/2019 3:34 pm


emotion_bigheart I love your avi!

Report | 09/06/2017 5:57 pm


heart the new look! hope you're having fun w/your furrbabies! cat_mrgreen

Report | 03/09/2016 9:07 pm


Lucan: -Grump cuddles-

Lucan will beat some sense into him with his cane. XD

Report | 03/09/2016 8:50 pm


Lucan: Good! D 8<<< He es Mine!


Awh. How sweet! <3!

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Bah. I miss you so much. T ^ T
I still have Lucan and Yuu as mah Siggy.

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8 D Hello beautiful!
I love you!

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I stole your siggy ninja

Report | 06/04/2015 11:37 pm


I was making you a surprise gift. crying
I was drawing your avi and I went back to reference the picture and you changed clothes. gonk

...you naked butt hole

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You butt hole. xp


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